Can I put limitations on how the child support I pay is used in Texas?

This article addresses whether strings can be attached by a parent on how the child support they pay is used in Harris and Montgomery County in Texas.

I periodically get questions such as “can I pay the child support directly to my child instead of her mother?” Or I am asked “can I set up a college fund for my child instead of paying child support?”

The answer to these questions is NO.

Often the parent paying child support would like to put restrictions on what child support can be spent on. Many times the parent paying child support would like to micro manage how the child support is used because they are concerned that the child support is being mismanaged.

However, Texas law does not provide for placing restrictions on how child support is spent. The philosophy is that Child Support goes into the “pot” or the available resources. This may mean that the child support is used for direct expenditures, such as clothing, food, and daycare. Or it may mean that it is used indirectly for the benefit of the child and covers a portion of the rent or mortgage where the child lives.

There is no accountability on how child support can be used. If however the parent receiving child support is not taking care of the child. Then the paying parent could always petition the court for a change in custody. However, this would be a different matter and not because particular dollars were not used exclusively for the use of the child.

Texas law has no provision for a child’s college expenses. This means that either a parent will have t save for college, or the child will have to bear those costs on their own.

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