Government resources in Porter, TX

Government resources in Porter, TX

If you are planning a move to Porter, TX after a divorce then it is important for you to be aware of the structure of government in the area and the services that are available to you and your family. Where to pay your taxes, information about your utilities and how to obtain a Texas driver’s license are all questions that you need to ask yourself when you move to a new home.

To begin with, Porter is located in Montgomery County immediately to the north of Houston and Harris County. Montgomery County is home to a growing population and a number of resources which make it one of the best places to raise a family in the state of Texas. Montgomery County prides itself as one of the oldest counties in Texas as well as being the Birthplace of the Texas flag. People from across the United States, Texas and the Houston metropolitan area have flocked to Montgomery County due to its proximity to Houston but also due to its being a terrific place in its own right.

Montgomery County is served by the Montgomery County Sherriff’s Department. Additionally, the county is divided into five different constable precincts of which Porter is served by Precinct 4 of the Constable’s Office. Their phone number is 936-521-8985 and their office is located at 21130 U.S. Highway 59, Suite C, New Caney, TX 77357. These are helpful pieces of information to store in a accessible location both for you and your children in case you need them in the future.

As with any area in southeast Texas, Porter and Montgomery County have an active department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management. The primary reason for this is that living along the Gulf Coast of Texas makes this area more susceptible to Hurricanes during the months of June through November. On their website and social media accounts, you can find information about how to create a plan for yourself and your family in the event of an emergency.

Specifically, the office of emergency preparedness will help you to think intentionally about how to act in the event of a flooding emergency or any other disaster related scenario. Determining how and where you will meet with family members, establishing an out of state contact person, what to do with your pets and how to evacuate the area in the event of an emergency are all important items to keep in mind.

Property Taxes in Montgomery County

Texas does not have a state income tax. However, if you own property in the county of Montgomery then you will be responsible for paying a county property tax each year. Typically these property taxes are wrapped into a mortgage if you are financing the property that you own. However, if you own property without a mortgage then you need to learn what your property tax rate is, when your taxes are due and how your property taxes are determined.

For starters, property tax notices in Montgomery are typically mailed in October. Your taxes are due upon receipt of the tax statement from the county. The Montgomery County Appraisal District conducts appraisals of real property in Montgomery County. These appraisals are performed on an annual basis. Once the county has appraised your property the property tax rate referenced earlier in this blog post section will go towards determining the amount of property taxes that you will pay for that year.

You can request an online protest of your property taxes if you disagree with the value assessed against your property. The county will review your appraisal protest and contact you with a response. You can accept their settlement offer (if one is made) or reject the offer. A rejection means that you accept the original appraised value or will be attending in person hearing in which you will be able to make your case as to why the appraisal of your property is incorrect.

Obtaining a New Social Security Card

Getting divorced and moving to a new town could mean a number of things for you in relation to your Social Security card. For one, if you are a woman then it is possible that you also requested and were granted a name change in your divorce. This means that you will eventually need to get a new Social Security card with your updated last name reflected on your card. It would not be wise or prudent for you 2 go around with the same Social Security card as we had before your divorce.

In order to update your Social Security card you would need to contact the Social Security Administration and request to have your card updated. Proof would need to be provided bye showing a copy of your final decree of divorce which shows the court’s approval of your name change request. Social Security would then need to issue a new card with your new name.

Additionally, it is possible that in the midst of your move that you misplaced or lost your or your child’s Social Security cards. For that reason, he also would need to contact your local Social Security office in order to obtain new copies for yourself or your children. There are two Social Security offices that you should consider contacting for either of these purposes. The first is located in Conroe TX. The address is 600 Sergeant Ed Holcomb Blvd in Conroe TX 77304. The second Social Security field office which serves the area around Porter is located at 5414 aldine mail route Rd Houston TX 77039.

Trash and Garbage Services in Porter, TX

Unlike many areas of the country or state of Texas, Porter is not served by trash and garbage services provided by the city or a municipality. Depending on the area of Porter you reside as well as your neighborhood, recycling, trash and garbage services will vary. Your homeowner’s association is a great resource to find out more information about this subject as well as your trash/recycling pick up days. If you are living in an apartment, then your leasing office will tell you more information about where to drop off your trash and recycling in your apartment unit.

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