Transportation in Porter

Transportation in Porter, TX

Porter, TX is a growing gem of a Houston-area suburb. Located in Montgomery County just north of Houston, Porter has seen a tremendous amount of interest from residents and out-of-state transplants, alike. Between its convenient location off of Interstate 69 and the Grand Parkway, to its beautiful, forested neighborhoods, Porter has a lot of desirable qualities that many people are looking for. If you have recently completed a divorce and are on the move, Porter is just the sort of community that you may want to learn more about.

This blog post is going to provide you with the information that you need to become acclimated to the town of Porter. Many people find that moving after a divorce is what is needed to start fresh and begin anew after your divorce. When it comes to finding a home, landing the job of your dreams, and developing roots for yourself and your children, Porter checks every box that a person could come up with. With that said- it pays to learn the ropes when it comes to a new town and area. Let’s find out the essential bits of information about transportation and navigating the Porter area.

Getting to Porter by plane

Porter is located extremely near Houston’s international airport- George Bush International Airport (IAH). You will find that getting to the airport when you live in Porter is a breeze. Maybe you’ve lived in a city or area where the airport is tucked away in a busy area of town as far as traffic is concerned. That is no concern in Porter or the Houston area. IAH airport is conveniently located on the northside of Houston off of the Sam Houston Tollway and Interstate 69. This is not only convenient if you work in the city of Houston but it is a short drive from your new home in Porter.

Having an airport close to your home is great if you live and work in the Houston area but your kids live in another city or even another state. With the sheer number of flights that come into and out of IAH airport every day, you are sure to have many options to be able to leave town at a moment’s notice if you need to see family or friends in another city. Keep in mind that Porter is a great place to stay if you are in town to visit your children if they are living in this area and you are from out of town. With a growing number of neighborhoods in Porter, you are sure to be able to find a home to rent for a weekend or longer period in an area close to IAH airport.

If you are needing to pick up your children, friends, or family at the airport you will find parking to be readily available. Rental cars from providers such as Advantage, Avis, Budget, Dollar, Hertz, and Thrifty are available to you and your family members. If you prefer to travel with Uber or Lyft from the airport you should make connections in advance by locating the parking lots/zones where those ride-sharing providers can make connections with you or your family at the airport. With Porter so close to the airport, traveling by taxi or a rideshare company to your home will be a minimal cost.

Commuting by vehicle in Porter, TX

If you are from an area where public transportation is readily abundant then you will have a transition to make moving to Porter. Although Porter is growing in terms of its roads, interstates, and tollways, public transportation is not a part of the transportation planning as it stands for this area. With that said, you will need to become familiar with the roads in and around the Porter area if you plan on living, working, and recreating here.

Porter is located adjacent to Interstate 69 and the Grand Parkway northeast of Houston. In recent years the Grand Parkway has expanded and covers an area across Montgomery, Harris, and Fort Bend counties. This has meant two important things for residents in the Houston metropolitan area. First of all, it is now much easier to get around our area by vehicle than it was before. You can travel much more efficiently and without as much concern about time given the expansion of the Grand Parkway.

The other factor to consider is that with a major Parkway in the area, businesses have flocked to Porter and the area northeast of Houston in droves over the past five years. A visit to Porter and other areas close by will show that major clothing retailers karma sporting goods stores, grocery stores, restaurants, and even a brand new water park have made their home in the area right around Porter. This not only adds to the quality of life but also increased the likelihood that more businesses, opportunities, and development occur in the area to match that which has already occurred. This will increase property values then only add to the amenities already offered by Porter.

Interstate 69 allows for travel both north of Porter into East Texas through cities like Cleveland and Lufkin but also for travel into the city of Houston. For instance, on the weekends you may wish to travel north on the Interstate to go on a day trip or two they visit family or friends in a different part of Texas. By living in Porter, you ensure easy access to this major Interstate without ever having to consider traffic. You are already adjacent to the Interstate thus making travel that much easier.

On the other hand, if you work in the city of Houston then you have multiple routes to get to work in the mornings. For one, Interstate 69 offers you a direct link to downtown. However, as with most interstates in most major cities Interstate 69 is known to get congested at times in the morning and evenings.

If this is the case, you can simply use the Grand Parkway and access the Hardy toll road which will take you into the city of Houston, as well. Although the Houston metropolitan area is well known for its traffic it is also well known for its options in terms of streets, roads, and interstates that allow for you to take multiple routes if necessary depending on traffic and other circumstances. Living in Porter allows you to take full advantage of these options no matter what the traffic looks like.

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