Transportation in River Oaks

Transportation Resources in River Oaks

As with most other areas of the Houston metropolitan area, River Oaks is dominated by personal vehicles as far as the major mode of transportation. Mobility is less of an issue for River Oaks residents compared to suburban communities, however, given that River Oaks is located near to downtown, the energy corridor located along Interstate 10 as well as popular restaurants, shopping districts and recreational activities.

For starters, River Oaks is located just west of Downtown Houston. The northern most portion of River Oaks lies along Memorial Drive, and the southernmost portion of this area lies along Westheimer Road. Interstate 10, Loop 610 West, and I-69 are the major highways and interstates that are located within a short drive of River Oaks. If you need to travel to the Galleria to do some shopping, downtown to catch an Astros game or work in the Energy Corridor then these are the means to achieve those ends.

If you are a cyclist, then you may have some trepidation when it comes to moving to Houston. The city has a reputation, I think it is fair to say, as being unfriendly when it comes to bicycles use as a method of transportation. While River Oaks is part of a densely populated urban area, the city of Houston is just a part of the metropolitan area that includes Harris County and the surrounding counties. As a result, the sprawl of this area makes cycling a bit difficult. However, the area has seen improvement in its cycling infrastructure.

River Oaks is home to many of those improvements. The Houston Bike Plan was adopted in 2017. The goal of this citywide plan is to connect the different neighborhoods in and around Houston with both existing trails and other destination landmarks in mind. Throughout the inner Loop area of Houston bike lanes are being widened as well as sidewalks to accommodate and encourage cycling as a means of getting from point A to point B. If you live and work within River Oaks, then do not hesitate to pack your bike with you when you move to Houston!

Finally, Houston is home to two airports that offer commercial airline travelers many options when it comes to getting away from the Bayou City for work or pleasure. Hobby Airport is located on the southeast side of Houston near The University of Houston. Hobby is primarily an airport that caters to domestic travelers seeking to fly within the United States. On the northside of the city of Houston is George H. W. Bush Intercontinental Airport. This is the busier of the two airports and where you would go for international travel purposes.

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