Educational Resources in Spring

Education and Schooling Resources in Spring, TX

Moving to Spring, TX after a divorce is a decision that takes a great deal of thought and planning. That being said, Spring is a great community to live in due in large part to the great schools, community resources and opportunities for both you and your children to gain learning opportunities here in north Harris County. Especially if you have children that are moving to this area with you it is crucial that you be aware of the school districts, public and private school options as well as opportunities for you to complete or begin a college degree near your home. As you will see, the Houston metropolitan area and Spring in particular boasts many opportunities from an educational perspective.

Spring Independent School District

One of the two major school districts in the Spring, TX area is Spring ISD. Students in this school district are assigned to a school based on where they reside and attend class based on a traditional school year calendar with extended time off in the summer, holidays for Christmas, Thanksgiving and Spring break with various teacher in service days in between. Once you have an address in Spring, you can look up which schools your child will be zoned for. For a complete explanation for each school in Spring ISD you can go to their website and review a map of the school district broken down by school.

The website for Spring ISD allows you to access information on how and when to enroll your child in school, request a transfer to other schools within the district as well as bus routes and test scores for each school. This is the sort of relevant information that may be of interest to you at this time and as a result the district wants to make the information available to you. Additionally, your neighbors are a great resource for you to be able to ask questions and learn information about the school district in your child’s particular school as you begin to move into your area and learn more about Spring ISD.

Klein Independent School District

The other major school district that serves Spring TX is Klein ISD. Much like Spring ISD, Klein assigns your child to a school based on where they reside and have a traditional school calendar. Geographically, Klein ISD is to the West of Spring ISD. This means but as you head away from Interstate 45 and towards highway 249 you will be within Klein ISD. If you have a preference as to where your child will attend school you should verify on the website of each school district where the boundary lines are so that your child will be able to attend class in the district that you wish.

Charter schools in Spring, TX

Depending on your child’s age and your education goals for them, you might consider utilizing the charter schools available in Spring. Charter schools have become much more popular over the past few years as parents seek alternative options to traditional public schooling. Charter schools offer a particular focus on various areas of education. Whether it be sciences, the arts, mathematics or the social sciences. As a new resident of Spring, TX you will need to perform some basic research into each of these charter schools in order to determine which offers the best opportunity for your child to meet the goals that they and you have.

learning opportunities

Sam Houston State University is a public university located just north of Houston in Huntsville TX. Many graduates of this university live and work in the Houston area. The school has a well known and justified reputation as being a leader in many areas of study but most notably in the area of criminal justice. You would be hard pressed to find someone who lives in the Houston area who does not know a Sam Houston State graduate. However, the university also operates charter schools in Spring, namely, the SHSU Charter School at Greengate Academy and the SHSU Charter School at Cypress Trails.

Additionally, in the high school level is Evolution Academy charter school. This school has three campuses located throughout Texas with one in the Spring area located at 2414 Spring Cypress Rd. This school touts itself as a public charter high school which serves Spring students grades nine through 12. The school established its mission in 2002 to assist students in achieving success in academic, social, and career planning areas. The school is proud of its coursework and it’s low 18 to one student to teacher ratio. The benefit of this low student to teacher ratio is that students are able to have one on one contact with teachers while maximizing the opportunity to use technology and computer based instruction.

Year round admissions are the norm at Evolution Academy Charter School. your student may apply online or by phone at 972 dash 907 dash 3755. Otherwise, applications are accepted in person at their Spring campus. Their website offers a number of videos that detail the level of attention your child will receive at the campus as well as information about leadership in this school, technology initiatives and other admissions information.

Lone Star College- North Harris Campus

Finally, if you are interested in completing an associate’s degree or beginning your education with a focus on a particular field of study or vocation then you will be happy to learn that Lone Star college offers coursework in north Harris County in the Spring area. Located at 2700 WW Thorne Dr. in north Houston, Lone Star College has and exceedingly positive reputation in Harris County and beyond for student driven focus on achieving goals and providing affordable education for families who are in the midst of change.

With your move to this area you may be looking for a new job or maybe looking to move up in your current career path. You can learn about the programs offered at the North Harris campus and surrounding campuses in Kingwood, TX, and Cypress, TX by accessing the website for Lonestar College.

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