Moving to Spring

Moving to Spring, TX after a divorce

Have you recently gone through a divorce only to find that your current location is no longer suiting you? Maybe you and your spouse sold your family home in the divorce and now you were looking for a new place to live. Or, with your children having grown up you may no longer be tide 2 the area where you called home for many years. As a result, with a desire to start fresh a move maybe in your near future. If you are considering Spring, TX for your relocation needs then you have come to the right place. Let’s walkthrough some of the most important points about relocating.

North Harris County is booming with job in population growth

In part as a result of the pandemic, cities across the nation are losing population while suburban environments are gaining transplants. Among Houston area suburbs, Spring stands out as an extremely desirable location not only because of its proximity to the city of Houston but also due to the amenities that this area offers too residence. With new neighborhoods, commercial complexes, and transportation becoming more efficient with each passing year north Harris County is an extremely desirable location for you in the event that you are considering a move.

Two well known American corporations, Hewlett Packard (HP) and Exxon Mobil, recently moved their corporate headquarters from California and Dallas respectively to Spring. Both of those corporate complexes can be found where the Grand Parkway intersects with highway 45. add not only is this a convenient location but it is one that has spurred growth in the area. Restaurants, residential neighborhoods, hospitals and entertainment venues have increased in number during the past few years as a result of these large companies moving their headquarters to Spring.

In the event that you are considering a move to this area and would like to rent rather than immediately buy a home then you should know that brand new apartment complexes have been built in and around the Grand Parkway in anticipation of the job in population growth that Spring has undergone in recent years. If you are visiting the Houston area I recommend driving on Grand Parkway in between highway 249 and highway 45. You will be able to see the large number of new in state of the art apartment complexes and subdivisions having been built to cater 2 establish residence and transplants alike. You will certainly have options to choose from when it comes to a move to Spring.

In addition to residential improvements that have been seen in the city of Spring, numerous retail outlets have flocked 2 this ever growing and changing area. At the intersection of Stuebner Airline and Kuykendahl a large shopping center anchored by target has been built in the past three years. This brand new shopping center as retail stores ranging from crafts to sporting goods and everything in between. Popular restaurants have also been built on a waterfront allowing for diners to have a picturesque view while enjoying a bite to eat.

How to find housing in Spring, TX

this is always a challenge for transplants to a new area. Everyone wants to find the perfect home after moving to a new location. However, most everyone has questions about where to look and how to determine the best area for you and your family. Fortunately, you will not suffer from a lack of options not only in housing, but in cost and availability. Let’s walk through some of the options available to you when it comes to looking for and finding the right home for you after a divorce.

With the sheer number of options available to you and their rental market in Spring, it can be overwhelming to look for the house that suits you perfectly. Spring Is well positioned due to its having a large number of both established homes and neighborhoods but also being able to boast a wide array of new built homes both South of the Grand Parkway and north as you get closer to The Woodlands. With this degree of options almost surely it would be difficult for you to make up your mind and choose where to live if you have never spent time in this area before.

Basic Internet research can be performed on websites like realtor.com, HAR.com, Zillow and Trulia. these are tried and true sources of information for people like yourself who have attempted to seek out practical and helpful information about real estate. Not only do these websites offer excellent help on availability of homes in Spring, but they often times can assist you in finding financing for your home as well as information about the logistics of moving to Spring. you can search these websites by looking through homes based on their square footage, number of bedrooms or location to various amenities.

Additionally, I do not want to sell short the prospect of working with an experienced real estate agent to help you either in locating a home to rent or purchase. Especially if you have never been to Spring, a realtor with experience in this area can assist you in locating a home that suits your needs to the best degree possible. Remember that what you find online can be deceiving in some cases and having someone available with experience in searching for homes in Spring can be incredibly helpful. Not only can he potentially saved time but you can also save money by identifying White House may be right for you and identifying which homes maybe ones to avoid.

Searching for housing outside of Spring

If living in a suburban environment does not interest you, you can find many desirable housing options beyond Spring and north Harris County. Many people who work in Spring live beyond it’s city limits. Doing so has been made all the easier as a result of the Grand Parkway having been built and extended over the past five years. Here are some moving ideas for you if you want to work in Spring but live in a more rural environment.

For one, a drive east of Spring can find you in more rural communities like New Caney and Splendora. These are small towns who are located along Interstate 69 just north of the Houston metropolitan area. Each of these towns have undergone a certain degree of growth in their own right over the past few years but it maintained their small town charm. Beautiful pine trees and forests make living in these areas secluded yet convenient for a person such as yourself who maybe considering a move.

When it comes to locating rural property outside of the city of Houston I would again recommend HAR.com as a primary source to locate both real estate agents and property located outside of Spring or the Houston metropolitan area. Additionally, websites like unitedcountry.com and landandfarm.com are good places for you to start researching and learning more about the rural towns and counties outside of Spring in north Harris County. Certainly, many people move to our area each year with the desire to start fresh and develop a new identity for yourself. Taking advantage of the housing options and employment opportunities in Spring maybe just what you needed after a difficult divorce.

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