Transportation in Tomball

Transportation in Tomball

Once a sleepy country town, Tomball is now one of the fastest growing suburbs of Houston. Tomball is growing with leaps and bounds but still maintains a strong degree of small-town charm. Whether you are moving to Tomball after a divorce or need information on how to get to downtown Houston from Tomball for a court date, this is the source you need for information on transportation in Tomball.

How to get around Tomball

Tomball is located northwest of Houston. As with most of the northern suburbs of Houston, getting around Tomball means driving a vehicle. Fortunately for you, Tomball has an ever-growing assortment of highways, toll roads and thoroughfares to help you get around as efficiently as possible.

To begin with Tomball is north of the Grand Parkway or “99” as it is known to Houstonians. The Grand Parkway is the outer loop in the Houston area and is a toll road. If you need to access any point around the metropolitan region of Houston, then you can use the Grand Parkway to get there. In most places on the Grand Parkway, you will need to have purchased a TX Tag, EZ Tag or other tollway tag that is acceptable in Texas.

Highway 249 travels directly through Tomball from the city of Houston. 249 continues in a northwesterly direction to points north of the city such as Bryan/College Station and Navasota. Portions of 249 are newly tolled as known as the “Aggie Highway” due to its proximity to Texas A&M University.

Once in and around Tomball there are a few streets that you will need to familiarize yourself with. FM 2920 is the main road that goes directly through Tomball from east to west. A portion of FM 2920 within Tomball is known simply as Main St. This is the portion that cuts through the beautiful and charming downtown of Tomball. Shops, restaurants, and other businesses can be found on either side of Main St. in downtown Tomball. Brown and Zion roads to the north of FM 2920 as well as Holderrieth to the south are three of the other main thoroughfares in and around Tomball.

Getting to downtown Houston for a court-date

If you are in Tomball but need attend court in Houston there are multiple ways to get there. The most direct would be to access Highway 249 and head south until you reach the Sam Houston Tollway. Proceed east on the Tollway until you intersect with Interstate 45. Head south on Interstate 45 until you reach downtown Houston. You can exit 48A for Interstate 10 East. Look for the sign indicating you are close to Downtown Attractions and Milam St. Exit Milam and then continue straight on Milam until you reach Franklin St. Go east (left) on Franklin until you intersect with Caroline St. Parking is available in this area. The courthouse address is 201 Caroline St.

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