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Low Cost and Affordable Divorces, Attorneys, Websites and Divorce Costs in Texas

After signing up, two different clients in less than a month who had problems with a divorce lawyer promising to handle their case at a really low cost and then not coming through I decided to write this article to help educate about some of the costs in divorces.

Later I plan to publish a follow-up article or companion article I have started tracking my cases as to divorce costs. I currently am monitoring expenses, attorney time, cases with children, cases without children, cases with properties, etc.

Beware $200 dollar Divorces

My practice does not offer divorce for $200, and I do not know any legitimate attorney or website that does. There is a simple reason for this the filing for a divorce is currently:

1. $268.00 with No children - in Harris County

2. $295 with children in - Harris County

3. $292.00 Family Law Case in – Montgomery County

This filing fee does not include any additional fees such as the cost of a citation or hiring a process server. This disparity between the handle to file for divorce and what is being advertised illustrates there is no way to get a divorce for as low as $200.

Be Careful of $500 divorces

My practice does not offer divorce for $500. I have seen some websites a $500. I believe in many circumstances what is being advertised by websites offering $200 is the costs for some forms that you fill out yourself or sometimes software will ask you some questions then fill them out for you.

You are then mailed the forms to figure out what to do with them yourself. If you are l, lucky, the forms may come with instructions. I will caution you if you are planning to use any forms not prepared by an attorney to use the forms put out by the Texas Supreme Court.

At least once a week I see someone trying to do their divorce themselves. One of the biggest mistakes that are made by these individuals is they try and use forms that are not Texas Specific. One of the cases I absorbed last week the Judge did not let the couple go for because their divorce decree talked about custody and had some weird non-Texas possession schedule. The Judge told the couple he was not going to let them go forward because 1) we have conservatorship in Texas, not custody and 2) The possession schedule was not something he would approve. The Judge then told the couple they needed an attorney.

Texas Supreme Court Divorce Forms

I am not going to discuss the forms put out by the Texas Supreme Court much other than to say pay attention to the boxes. The forms do not cover a lot of situations. Even if your case seems simple, they were not designed to cover certain circumstances. In the situations in not included, there are boxes on the forms WARNING not to use the forms and to consult with an attorney.

I get at least 1 case a month that falls into the category where an individual did not read the box or ignored the box saying the form would not work for him. Then he went before the judge, and because of his set of facts, the judge refused to let him proceed and told him to consult with a divorce attorney.

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