Hiring a Divorce or Family Lawyer

A divorce or family lawyer who is a good fit

One of the things you should look for I a divorce or family law attorney who is a good fit for you. I am strong believer that not all divorce and family law attorneys are a good fit for all people.

There are many reason why an attorney may not be a good fit. One reason might be the gender of the attorney. I have no problem representing men or women. However, I met with potential clients who thought they wanted a lawyer who was the same gender that they were. After meeting with them some decided they wanted to hire me others I was happy to refer to another attorney.


The most important thing to look for in selecting a Divorce or Family Lawyer in Texas is that they are licensed to practice in the State where the case is ongoing.

I sometimes get clients who have a case in another state then Texas. Unfortunately depending on the circumstances I am unable to help them and need to refer them to an attorney licensed to practice in that State. Other times I am able to help them because of the facts of their case we can open a case in Texas and move forward.

The next important thing to look for is an attorney whose practiced is focused on Divorce and Family Law. I sometimes run into attorneys who try and do all areas of the law. I believe this is a disservice to their clients because many times they do not know what they are talking about and arguments arise because they asking for things they could never get in court or the law does not provide for. This means both parties end up paying more in attorney’s fees to argue over things they should not be an argument in the first place and an experienced family law or divorce attorney could have prevented.


Another thing to consider when hiring a divorce or family law lawyer is where they are located. My office is located in North Houston in the Spring, Texas area. My office is about halfway between the Conroe, Texas and Houston, Texas as result about half my family law and divorce cases are either in Montgomery County or Harris County.

I do practice in other counties in Texas and have taken cases in locations such as Waco, TX and Dallas, TX. However, before taking those cases I suggested it might be more cost effective for those potential clients to consider hiring an attorney whose office was more local. The reason being is they would have the added expense of paying for my travel time to those locations whenever there was a hearing. At $350 an hour that can be cost prohibitive for some clients.

Communication and Promptness

This is something that many attorney’s struggle with is communicating in a prompt manner with clients. Part of the problem for family law and divorce lawyers is due to the nature of their practice they are out of the office more than many other types of lawyers. Divorce and Family Law Lawyers are often in Court or in Mediation which means they are not in the office to answer calls and it can be difficult to respond to emails as well.

This can be especially difficult for attorneys who do not have a support staff to help them. One of the ways I try and help with being responsive to my clients is by employing a support staff and have three paralegals and an associate attorney to help me. I also am always looking

A good question to ask prospective divorce and family law lawyers is how you will be able to contact them and how long it will take them to return your call.

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