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How can I change my name in Texas when I am getting Married or Divorced?

This article addresses the steps to take in order to change your name when you are getting married in Harris and Montgomery County in Texas.


When a name change is part of a marriage, the change is made when obtaining a marriage license.

Those married in the state of Texas can include the change of name on the marriage license while making the application. The wife or husband can seek a number of changes to their name.

Maiden name usage – In Texas are also allowed to go with the surname of your spouse on all records and identifications but continue using the maiden name in your professional circles such as the workplace.

Hyphenation – In Texas, you are also allowed to request a name change by taking the surname of your spouse by adding it into your own with a hyphen or simply add without a hyphen.

Continue using your name as it is - In Texas another option is to just continue with your marriage life without seeking a name change.


Changing your name in a Texas divorce is a simple matter. It is just an additional line in the Petition for Divorce asking for the name change and an additional line in the Divorce Decree granting the name change. It also involves a couple more questions during the divorce prove up.

Section 6.706. of the Texas Family Code only puts the restriction that it must be a name that was “previously used by the party.” This means it does not have to be the maiden name but can be any name that was “previously used.”

It cannot be a name that was never used. If you want to use a name that was never used, then you will have to go through the legal process for doing so outside of the divorce process. This process is more work and requires a criminal background check.

Reporting your name change

There is some work involved in changing your name. If you have recently been married or divorced and you have legally changed your name, you will need to report your new name to:

1. the Department of Public Safety (DPS)
2. Social Security Administration (SSA), and the

Documents Needed

When updating our name on documents such as your driver’s license or social security card you will be required to show legal documentation of name change. Documents must be original or certified copy. Certified documents should not be laminated. No photocopies can be accepted.

Acceptable documents:

  1. Marriage license
  2. Divorce decree
  3. Court ordered name change

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