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How to choose the best attorney for your Texas Divorce

Determining how to proceed when you are considering a divorce from your spouse is a difficult position to be in. You already understand that a divorce is not fun even if the marriage is failing and you feel the need to remove yourself from the situation. So, it’s not as if you’re eager for divorce to begin because the process is going to be enjoyable.

What’s more- to actually get divorced you will most likely need to hire a lawyer to help. The thing about hiring a lawyer is your cousin’s best friend’s niece hired a divorce lawyer and he never returned phone calls, was late to court a couple times and charged an arm and a leg. How can you be sure that you’re hiring the right attorney for your divorce?

Figure out what your expectations are for your divorce

It is impossible to say exactly what you need when hiring a divorce attorney. Your particular situation is unique and there will be aspects to it that create needs where other persons do not have any. For example, if you are in a situation where you’re the victim of domestic violence at the hands of your spouse you may want to focus your search on finding a divorce attorney who has experience filing for and gaining protective orders on behalf of their clients.

Protective orders (at least in Harris County) are independent matters heard in the 280th District Court, separate and apart from your divorce case. Having an attorney by your side with experience in that court, in front of that judge can be very important.

In general, before meeting with attorneys it is best to road-map your case and to set some expectations for yourself and your attorney. If you expect your attorney to be able to return phone calls immediately and have multiple monthly status meetings on your case be sure that you ask each attorney you meet with whether this is possible. Many clients have expectations in regard to personal attention or the time commitment of a divorce that are somewhat unrealistic. Going into an attorney consultation with your expectations written out with questions for each expectation makes it much more certain that you will have a productive meeting.

Meet with multiple attorneys before choosing to hire one

As we touched on in the previous section to this blog post, your divorce is going to be unique. While it may follow the same general timeline and have the same laws applied to it as any other divorce in Texas, your family is one of a kind. As a result, there will not be one certain way to approach your case. Getting the perspective of multiple divorce attorneys prior to hiring one is a good way to learn about the process of getting a divorce in Texas as well as to see which attorney presents their vision of your case in a way that makes you feel comfortable and confident. If you were needing to have a major surgery, you probably would not just meet with one doctor to get their opinions. A “second opinion” isn’t just a good idea in the medical field. Apply the same practice to the legal field when you are interviewing lawyers.

Trust and Confidence in your divorce attorney is essential

We have instincts in order to help us avoid bad situations and take advantage of potentially good situations. You should not ignore the way you feel about an attorney before hiring him or her. Hiring an attorney because you are desperate to be represented for your hearing the next day is not a good reason to spend your money and put your family’s well being at stake. You can avoid making rash decisions by meeting with attorneys well in advance of any court dates to determine who is right for you.

What I tell potential clients is this: a family law case like a divorce is not a business transaction, a contract dispute or a personal injury case. This is a situation that involves yourself and the relationship with your children and/or your financial wherewithal. The things you discuss with the attorney in your consultative appointment are things that normally you would only tell your pastor, best friend or mother. Meaning- the factors you discuss about your case are near and dear to your heart and need to be treated with great importance and care. Ask yourself in your appointment if you feel like the person sitting across the table from you is something that you can trust with your well being at stake.

Ask the attorney you’re meeting with how many divorces they’ve handled, what judges they have experience with and what their vision of your case is. Pay attention to their response. An attorney who has the heart of a teacher and wants to walk you through the process of a divorce case is, in my opinion, the type of attorney you want to hire to represent you. Someone who possesses knowledge but also the communication skills to convey their ideas to another person. This serves the double purpose of educating you on your investment in him or her as your representative as well as enabling you to see how he or she interacts with people and their effectiveness at persuading and working with others.

The Law Office of Bryan Fagan, PLLC: Effective Advocates and Communicators for you

An attorney should always put the interests of their client ahead of their own when making any decision or taking any action in a case. Our attorneys will always work to make sure that you and your family are put first when it comes to your legal matter. If you have any questions for our licensed family law attorneys please do not hesitate to contact our office today. A free of charge consultation can be just the thing you need in order to set yourself up for success in a family law case.

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