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How Can a Family Law Consultation Help Me in Texas?

In his best selling book, "How to Win Friends and Influence People", author Dale Carnegie notes that every person that he had come into contact with in his life had talents that outweigh his own in some regard.

One of his quotes from that book which has been repeated many times is the following: "Every man I meet is my superior in some way. In that, I learn of him." No matter if you are prince or pauper, your experiences have allowed you to absorb lessons and knowledge that are unique to you and you alone.

There is value in that knowledge and the people that you come into contact with can benefit from speaking with you if even for a short time. It is no wonder that a person who is interested in pursuing a family law case is best served by speaking to an attorney to learn more about the process and from the experiences of that practitioner.

The Value of a Texas Family Law Consultation

  • For starters, a consultation with a Texas family law attorney allows you to gain practical knowledge of how to accomplish goals that you have when it comes to a family law matter. Whether you are attempting to divorce your spouse while retaining as much of your retirement income as possible or are attempting to gain primary conservatorship of your child after a divorce, a Texas family law attorney has most likely seen a situation very similar to yours.
  • A family law consultation can help you to learn how to approach your potential case. Is it best to file your case now, or to wait a few weeks (or months)? Do you need to file for a protective order in addition to a divorce? Are your assets safe where they are or do you need to remove them? Straightforward questions sometimes do not have straightforward answers and a consultation with a family law attorney can help you to learn more about the questions and intricacies of your individual legal situation
  • For many people, the first time they ever speak to an attorney is in an informational consultation. With no experiences with lawyers, they have little idea how attorneys function or what a client's responsibilities are in a case. Developing a comfort level with the legal system and the people that operate in that world is incredibly important.
  • My last point about how a family law consultation can be helpful is helping a prospective client to learn how to spot a "good" vs. a "bad" attorney. Along with my prior point, the ability for a prospective client to determine the qualities that they need in a representative. Seeking the opinion of a number of lawyers is a great way to pick the brain and gauge the personality of each person you meet with. As I tell clients- a family law case isn't a business dispute or a personal injury claim- it is a very personal, very intimate proceeding. The image of the "bulldog" attorney may be appealing for a TV lawyer, but if that bulldog attorney doesn't listen to you or your concerns you may find that another style suits you and your family better

When it comes to family law consultations, the attorneys with the Law Office of Bryan Fagan, PLLC offer free of charge meetings Monday through Saturday of every week. We are eager to assist the people in our community and to show what our office can offer in terms of competent representation. Please contact our office today in order to learn more about how our family law attorneys can best assist you and your family.

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