Why Do I Have to Follow the Rules in My Texas Divorce?

Why do I have to follow the rules in My Texas Divorce?

One of the things that troubles my clients the most while going through Texas divorce process is that they feel that they are following the rules while their ex is ignoring the rules and getting away with it. From my experience everyone is frustrated by this behavior:

  1. You
  2. The Texas Divorce attorneys at our office
  3. The opposing counsel

When this occurs in the cases we handle we will provide you with advice on what to do and what legal options are available. You may feel frustrated to see your spouse getting away with bad behavior. It may be even more frustrating if yours is like a lot of our cases in that this behavior is similar to what was going on in the marriage that led to the divorce.

Why Must I Follow Rules When My Spouse Doesn’t?

Your divorce journey may often feel like a battlefield, where your ex-partner’s provocations seem designed to victimize or manipulate you. This behavior, frustratingly common, can lead to feelings of injustice and the temptation to retaliate or ignore the legal guidelines. However, straying from the rules can have serious consequences.

One of the most compelling reasons to adhere to the rules is the legal advantage it provides. If your spouse is violating court orders or agreements, your compliance strengthens your case in court. Judges often look favorably upon those who demonstrate respect for legal processes and rules.

By maintaining your composure and following the guidelines set forth, you position yourself as the reasonable and responsible party, which can significantly influence a judge’s perspective and decisions.

The Importance of Heeding Your Attorney’s Advice

Your attorney’s advice, although sometimes seemingly slow or unsatisfactory, is grounded in a deep understanding of legal procedures and strategies. In cases where a parent is withholding children, for instance, the desire for immediate action is strong. However, legal processes take time and require patience and compliance. Attorneys often advise clients to continue following the rules, even when it feels counterintuitive.

This advice is not without reason. In court, your adherence to the rules is your armor. If your spouse accuses you of non-compliance, your consistent obedience to court orders serves as a strong defense. Additionally, if you follow the rules, such as allowing visitation, and your spouse does not, you stand in a better position when filing motions to compel or enforce court orders.

This can lead to your spouse being ordered to cover your legal fees and costs, a significant financial advantage.

Understanding Motions to Compel or Enforce

Why do I have to follow the rules in My Texas Divorce?

In Texas divorces, you use motions to compel or enforce as legal tools when a spouse disobeys court orders.