Preparing for a Temporary Orders Hearing in Texas, Part Five

At the Law Office of Bryan Fagan, PLLC, we aim to provide valuable insights to help you prepare for Temporary Orders hearing. In our previous four articles, we covered topics such as child custody, essential documents for the hearing, and courtroom etiquette.

In this fifth installment, we delve deep into preparing you as a witness for a Temporary Orders hearing. While this blog post isn’t the ultimate authority, it draws from the experiences of our family law attorneys at the Law Office of Bryan Fagan, PLLC.

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Composure Is Key: Testifying as a Witness

When undergoing cross-examination by the opposing attorney, maintaining composure is crucial, regardless of the questions asked. Even if you must reveal personal or case-related truths that are painful, it’s essential to remain composed.

Answer questions respectfully and avoid responding in a disrespectful, antagonistic, or angry manner, as it can negatively influence the judge or jury’s perception. “Be the bigger person” is excellent advice in this situation. Remember that the opposing attorney is asking questions to strengthen their case, not to target you personally.

Keep in mind that your attorney is advocating for you with the same level of dedication that your spouse’s attorney is advocating for them. Therefore, respond to questions from the opposing attorney with the same respect and professionalism as you would to your own attorney.

Silence Is Golden: Conduct in the Courtroom

While another witness testifies during your Temporary Orders hearing, refrain from making comments to yourself or others. Avoid reacting strongly, making excessive gestures, or displaying noticeable body language responses to the testimony.

It’s understandable to feel upset or surprised by witnesses’ words in child custody or divorce cases, as much is at stake. However, maintaining emotional control is essential. Treat the courtroom and the judge with respect and composure.

Preparation: Testimony as Improv

Consider your testimony in a Temporary Orders hearing as an improvisational performance rather than a scripted play. Unlike actors who rehearse meticulously, improv actors create plotlines, dialogue, and themes spontaneously, adapting to cues from fellow actors.

Similarly, prepare for your testimony as if you were an improv actor. Don’t attempt to memorize responses like scripted lines. Instead, review essential case information regarding your children and finances. Focus on providing honest and credible answers rather than rehearsed responses.

Articulate and Enunciate: Responding to Questions at a Temporary Orders Hearing

When responding to questions from either divorce attorney during your hearing, speak clearly and enunciate your words. Make it easy for the judge, who may spend an hour listening to your testimony.

Covering your mouth, fidgeting in the witness chair, or mumbling responses can be distracting or raise concerns about your honesty. Approach your testimony as if you’re having a conversation with a neighbor or family member: speak up, be truthful, answer the question directly, and proceed to the next.

Lastly, if the opposing attorney cross-examines you, refrain from seeking assistance from your attorney. While your attorney won’t allow abuse, they can ask questions that make you uncomfortable, as long as they don’t cross the line. Respond honestly to their questions without turning to your attorney for help.


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