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How to Prepare for a Meeting with a Divorce Attorney

When you’ve reached the point where a decision is made regarding whether or not to move forward with a divorce the first thing you may want to do is go and speak to an attorney. Some attorneys, like those with the Law Office of Bryan Fagan, PLLC, offer consultations that are free of charge.

Our office will allow you to come in during office hours and speak to a Texas divorce lawyer and ask as many questions as you would like so that you can feel better prepared for the journey towards divorcing your spouse. We realize how difficult it is to arrive at such an important decision and our goal is to put a potential client at ease.

There are things that you can do to prepare for a meeting with one our attorneys, or any attorney for that matter. Nothing that we list in this blog post is absolutely required, mind you, but each item can be extremely helpful to an attorney that you plan on meeting with.

Without providing sufficient detail to a divorce lawyer they are forced to make assumptions based on incomplete information which can lead to advice that isn’t always accurate. What follows are some suggestions on how to prepare for a meeting with a divorce lawyer.

  1. General Information

Basic information about you, your spouse and your children can be helpful to have at the time of your initial consultation with an attorney. In the immediate sense, it can help the lawyer give you advice that is applicable to your particular family.

In a more far reaching sense it can be helpful to get this information together because whatever attorney you decide to hire will need this information to begin drafting the initial pleadings for your divorce case. Additional information that can be helpful is the date you and your spouse were married and your employment information.

  1. Property Considerations

Do you and your spouse own a home? What about a rental property? These are pieces of real property that can be subject to division in relation to a divorce.

Other items of property that can be divided subsequent to a divorce are retirement and bank accounts. Bringing in recent mortgage statements or account quotes are about all that would be needed at an initial consultation.

  1. Personal Property

If you can manage to piece together information about your real property, retirement accounts and the like, then you may also be able to chronicle a list of your and your spouse’s personal property. These are “smaller ticket” items that are usually located in the marital home that will need to be divided after a divorce.

Some items were yours before the marriage and those will remain with you after the divorce as your separate property. Same goes for items that were owned by your spouse prior to the marriage. Everything else is considered community property and is subject to division. How the parties divide up their personal property is specific to their situation.

  1. Information on the Children

This is an extension of the “General Information” that we discussed a little earlier in the blog entry. The children end up being what is most commonly disputed in any marriage. Whether the dispute is regarding visitation with the children or who gets a say in the educational decisions, you are more likely to pay your attorney to fight the good fight for your kids than any other subject of a divorce.

Going into your initial meeting with a lawyer with the names of the kids’ school, their extracurricular activities, doctor’s name, and other pertinent facts can help an attorney anticipate points of contention between the parties.

By being able to do this, your lawyer can begin to work on a strategy for both negotiations as well as a temporary orders hearing. Helping your lawyer know exactly what your goals are associated with the kids can go a long ways towards achieving those goals.

  1. Be prepared to ask questions of your lawyer

Seeing your lawyer is a lot like seeing your doctor. There was a commercial a few years ago that showed a young woman in various situations, a coffee shop, restaurant, movie theater, etc., where she had no problem making special requests or asking very specific questions of the persons she has hired to take care of her. The commercial wraps up by showing her at her doctor’s office declining to ask any questions when the doctor offers her an opportunity to do so.

A lawyer’s office should be no different. While it is understandable to have a million questions to ask, it is no excuse to not ask. Before arriving at your attorney’s office, write down the most important questions you must ask and make sure that list is in front of you when you sit down to chat.

While it is much easier to get a hold of your lawyer than your doctor, there’s no better time than the present to ask a question than when you have your lawyer looking at you face to face. Most questions that are asked of an attorney are not unique and will not take too long to respond to. Organize your thoughts before the meeting and you stand a good chance of getting those questions answered in a productive manner.

Attorneys who are there for you: The Law Office of Bryan Fagan, PLLC

Communication is the most critical aspect to an effective attorney-client relationship. Across southeast Texas, the attorneys with the Law Office of Bryan Fagan, PLLC place great value on communicating with their clients.

Our attorneys prepare thoroughly each day, not only for courtroom appearances, but for simple interactions with clients. Not taking any client for granted and doing the best we can for you and your family is a promise that we do not take lightly. Contact our office today to learn more about family law in the Houston area.

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