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Answering Frequently Asked Questions about Texas Divorces

One of the benefits of working as an attorney at the Law Office of Bryan Fagan, PLLC, is that I have the opportunity to meet with potential clients in consultations frequently. We offer people like you that live in our community the opportunity to come into our office, free of charge, and ask questions about whatever family law matter may be relevant in their lives.

Being able to assist people, even if they do not sign up to work with our office, is a special privilege because I can share knowledge and advice with a person who otherwise may not be able to get it.

Seeing as how I meet so frequently with potential clients, I have come to expect a handful of questions to be asked of me, especially in the area of divorce cases. Divorce is the combination of all of your life's areas of emphasis- your children, your finances, your home, and your work. If a divorce just dealt with your relationship with your spouse, then the questions I would hear probably would not be as exciting and diverse as the ones I typically field in these consultations.

With that said, I'd like to devote this blog post to answering some of the more frequently asked questions that potential clients have asked me. You have likely pondered some of these questions as well. At the same time, you consider whether or not to move forward with your divorce if you are beginning your journey towards learning about divorce and whether it is the right next step for you and your family. Hopefully, this blog will offer a good starting point for you to pick up some knowledge on this critical subject.

Money, Money, Money: How much will my divorce cost?

With budgets having to be stretched thinner than ever, it seems, the cost of divorce is always a part of the discussion with any potential client of our law office. If you were to come in and speak to me about becoming a client of the Law Office of Bryan Fagan, PLLC, I would tell you that it is always a smart move to set up interviews with multiple attorneys, not only to learn how much they would charge you to take your case but to learn who suits your personality and who you feel comfortable with as your attorney. Cost is essential, but it should not decide when hiring an attorney.

Family law attorneys typically bill you by the hour. This means that your attorney will have an hourly rate to bill you for doing work on your case. Our office is no different. Answering and placing phone calls to you, negotiating with opposing counsel, typing emails, preparing for hearings, and attending hearings and mediations are examples of work to be done on your case.

When you consider how much a divorce will cost, we will need to decide whether or not your divorce is contested or uncontested. An uncontested divorce means that all of the issues in your case- children, money, community property, etc.- have all been agreed upon by you and your spouse. We're talking details and specifics.

If you believe that you all have an uncontested divorce, it is worth discussing that with your spouse before filing divorce papers. If even one subject needs to be negotiated upon, your divorce is a contested matter. As far as costs are concerned, a contested divorce usually means a more protracted process with more billable hours possible for your attorney. This doesn't mean that your divorce will drag on for years and years, but it does mean that a little more work will need to be done before its conclusion.

A retainer is an upfront payment of money that begins the attorney-client relationship. By paying a retainer fee and signing a contract, we become your representative and start to work on your case immediately. Typically our clients will get on payment plans where he or they will pay us a monthly sum of money to ensure their accounts have sufficient funds to pay the lawyers and office personnel working on their case.

Time is money: How long can I expect my divorce to last?

Divorce is no fun, and it is not a surprise that most people want their divorce done yesterday. The law in Texas is that you must wait at least sixty days to finalize the divorce from the date that the county clerk accepts your Original Petition for Divorce. This waiting period's purpose is to allow you and your spouse to cool your heels a bit and decide if divorce is necessary. Our State does not want to see people divorce because this can create difficulties in supporting children and general hard times for you and your spouse.

I tell clients that you can expect your divorce to last approximately 4-6 months. Some last longer due to there being a lot of disputed issues. Some divorces will conclude rather quickly, and you can finalize your divorce close to the sixty-day minimum period. The lawyer's favorite response, "It depends," applies to the expected time length of your divorce.

As I stated a moment ago, if you and your spouse need to reconcile every issue of your case (children, community property, etc.), there will be a fair amount of negotiation necessary and possibly even a temporary orders hearing or trial. Attending a courtroom proceeding is becoming increasingly uncommon, however, as you and your spouse will have ample opportunity to settle your case out of court and avoid a protracted divorce that eats up a ton of your family's time.

Part Two of the Law Office of Bryan Fagan, PLLC's series on FAQ for Divorce, to be posted tomorrow

Please come back to our website tomorrow for the second installment in this series on frequently asked questions for Texas divorces.

As always, if you have any questions after having read this blog post, please do not hesitate to contact the Law Office of Bryan Fagan, PLLC, today. Again, our consultations are free of charge and can offer you some great insights and information that can benefit you and your family.


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