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Dirty Divorce Trick - Turning into a Temporary “Helicopter” Parent

Recently, we had a case where I observed a husband become a "helicopter" parent. He used his newfound involvement with the children to negotiate for additional time with the children and reduced child support. At the time, those involved with the case did not suspect that his behavior was a trick.

However, after the divorce, his behavior led the mother to believe he had just been putting on a show and had negotiated in bad faith. In this blog, we will discuss what happened so that our readers can learn by example if they face a similar scenario.

The Suddenly Newly Involved Parent

The wife in our story filed for divorce and then observed her once arguably absentee father become very involved with the children.

Before she filed, he did not attend the children's sports or other school activities; however, he was now very involved. He was also volunteering to take the kids to school, helping to prepare meals for the children, and taking them to their doctors' appointments.

It seemed like a miracle that now, after the wife filed for divorce, her husband had turned into a very hands-on parent.

A Dream Come True

In our case, the wife was excited; she thought it was great her husband was now showing an interest in the children. She was not suspicious and did not think he played games or tried to trick her. In this case, the husband and wife came up with their visitation schedule. It involved 50/50 time with the children.

In their order, the husband was still going to pay the wife child support, and the wife was still going to be the "primary parent." However, because of the more equalized time, the husband would pay below guideline child support.

However, after the divorce, she was convinced he never intended to exercise his hard-fought-for time with the children. Instead, she now believes he only maximized his time with the children to argue for below guideline child support.

What convinced her was that soon after the divorce, the husband took a new job in a new state and moved away. There was no way he would be able to exercise 50/50 time. This meant that she would be doing practically everything for the children without his help. To top it off, she would also be receiving less than guideline child support.

How to Prevent This Trick from Happening to You

Knowing if someone is attempting to pull this trick can be difficult. I have observed situations when a parent honestly does want to spend more time with the children.

Our office has also seen people inspired to either work on their marriage or their family once they realized that things had suddenly become real. So, a parent may be encouraged to make changes, and striving to be a better parent is not unrealistic.

However, it is also common for one parent to try and become very involved to try and avoid or minimize child support. In this case, the wife needed to talk to her lawyer to develop a plan to handle the husband's actions.

I like to tell my clients that I want them to control the situation.

For example, there is no reason the order could not have involved standard visitation and guideline child support. If the parents wanted to deviate from that visitation schedule, they still could have even though there is an order as long as they agree. It is only when parents disagree that the order matters.

The same goes for guideline child support. If the wife decides to give him back some of his child support obligations, that is her right.

What Happened in the Case Scenario Above

Ultimately, the mother decided to file a motion for a new trial based on her husband's deception. The judge ruled against the mother. He was not very sympathetic as she had been represented by an attorney and had agreed to the order.

That is not to say the mother did not have a remedy; she would have to do it through a new case and not through a divorce. She would need to file to modify the order based on a substantial change in circumstance.


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