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10 Most Popular Texas Family Law and Divorce Blogs of 2018?

Maybe you have recently started to think about Divorce. Or, maybe you are in the middle of your Divorce, but you have been so busy that you missed some of our blog posts that could help you a lot! I've got you covered. I've combed through every blog post I wrote in 2018 so you could have the "best of the best" at your fingertips! Here are my top 10 most popular, best divorce and family law blog posts of 2018.

If Divorce is on your mind or you are going through one, you're going to want to curl up on the couch with your laptop and your beverage of choice and catch up on anything you may have missed!

If you are looking for something that's not on this list, use the "Search the Divorce Blog Categories" bar that's on the top right corner of every post to find what you're looking for! (You'll find more than 200 articles and blog posts here. So, chances are, no matter what you're looking for – it's here!)

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Top 10 Best Divorce Blog Posts of 2018

What to do When Your Child Does Not Want to Visit the Other Parent - This article addresses frequently asked questions surrounding when your child does not want to visit with the other parent, such as 1) What can they do? 2) Does the child have to be forced to see the parent? 3) What are the legal options or consequences? 4) At what age can the child choose when they want to visit a parent?

Texas Emergency Custody Order Guide– An emergency custody order (TRO with a Request for Extraordinary Relief) would put an order in place immediately without providing notice to the other party. However, unlike with a standard TRO, you will need to attach an affidavit and any other exhibits to support your emergency request when requesting Extraordinary Relief.

Child Support in Texas: What is the most you will have to pay, and what are the exceptions to that rule? - Being worried about child support is normal if you are going through a child custody case or Divorce. It's normal if you're the parent who will receive child support because odds are you are losing an income from your household, and you need to be able to compensate for that by receiving a monthly payment from your ex-spouse.

Abandonment as grounds for Divorce in Texas- The majority of divorces that occur in Texas each year are known as "No-Fault" Divorces. This means that the parties could no longer get along in the marriage and say no chance at reconciliation or getting back together. A less common, but no less critical, fault ground for Divorce in Texas is abandonment. If you're reading this blog post and have not seen or heard from your spouse in some time, then the information you are about to read maybe the most important thing you've read in years. Let's discuss the topic of abandonment and how it can impact a divorce should you decide to file.

Modifying your divorce decree in Texas- As time passes, your Divorce Decree may need to be updated. A Modification of your Divorce Decree can be filed in the same court that heard your original Divorce. If you believe that the change in circumstances of someone related to that Decree has changed so substantially as to merit a modification, then you can do so. This blog post from the Law Office of Bryan Fagan, PLLC, will detail the methods of doing so as well as tips on how to best ensure a successful result for yourself and your family.

Is Overtime Pay or Bonus Pay Considered for Texas Child Support?– Some of the most frequent questions I get are regarding child support, such as 1) How much? 2) Will I have to pay child support over time? 3) Can I quit my job or reduce my income to avoid paying higher support? The starting point for answering these questions involves looking at the Texas Family Code.

Can you challenge a Mediated Settlement Agreement in Texas? - Family courts in Texas are overburdened with cases. I'm not telling you this to push you towards feeling bad for court staff or judges, necessarily. I intend to share this information with you to provide some context for telling you that courts across our state have become huge proponents of mediation. If you've never heard of mediation or don't know much about it, this blog post is for you.

What is a Bill of Review, and what impact can it have on a Texas family law case? - If you were involved in a civil case in Texas and are not happy with the result, you have options to seek a new trial. The most widely known option is to file a motion for a new trial. If you had a default judgment rendered against you, this would be the preferred option. There is a set standard in Texas law which states what is necessary to win a Bill of Review hearing. However, if we look at what needs to be proved in a Motion for New Trial, we will have a pretty good understanding of what a court will be looking for in a Bill of Review Petition.

How much does it cost to adopt a child in Texas?

How much does it cost to adopt a child in Texas? - The decision to adopt a child takes a lot of thought and consideration. If you and your spouse have tried to conceive a child together without success, or if you are incapable of doing so, adoption is an option for you to undertake that benefits you, your spouse, and a child who needs a loving home. For today's blog post, I would like to focus on the procedures and costs of adopting a child in Texas. As with anything related to becoming a child's conservator, you should be aware that there are aspects of the adoption process that can be frustrating, including the procedures and costs of doing so.

Pregnancy and Divorce: Can the two mix in Texas?

Pregnancy and Divorce: Can the two mix in Texas? - Anyone who has gone through a pregnancy, whether a mother or father, can understand the difficulties and stresses associated with the nine-month wait for a baby to be delivered. What happens, though, if Divorce is on the horizon for a pregnant woman? If you find yourself in a position where you are considering filing for Divorce while pregnant, this blog is for you.


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