What considers a parent unfit?

For most parents having your parenting style or parenting results questioned by another person can be extremely irritating. Think of all the times that you’ve had someone in your life approach you and provide unsolicited advice regarding parenting your child. I can think of few things in life that are more stressful than politely listening to and accepting criticisms and critiques from people you are concerned about the way you are raising your child. Some of this advice is well natured some of it is just intended to do nothing positive for you or your child. Such is life when it comes to parenting a child. Everyone has an opinion, and it seems like during this pandemic, people have been more willing to share their opinions about all different subjects.

Most of the time, when a person shares their opinion about how you are parenting your child, it can go in one year and out the other, and there will be no harm done to you or your child, whether it is your neighbor, mother, or friend who is providing the advice, you only have to take in that advice that you think is relevant and practical. Any input from a person outside your house about raising your kids does not necessarily have to be followed. As a parent, the big question that you have to consider is what advice you will trust and what advice you will discard. Otherwise, you will spend your entire parenting life trying to parent up to a standard that is not your own.

However, in some instances, the information you receive about your children from other people must be followed. If Child Protective Services contacts you, it is not enough to ignore their input about your circumstances and go along your way. While it is certainly possible to do this, I would not recommend it. When Child Protective Services Contacts you about your children, it is completely normal to be apprehensive about what the future holds; asking yourself questions like what are they going to do with your family is completely reasonable.

However, you cannot simply ignore CPS or worry yourself into a state where you are unable to take action or defend your rights. You need to be able, to be honest with yourself about your parenting but also aware of what it is that you are facing any CPS investigation. Ann, what you can do to put the investigation in your rearview mirror. This is a very subtle balancing act that you must undertake to complete, but I can tell you from experience that it is one that you were fully capable of. As a parent, you are used to facing challenges of all sorts. Anne, this is just another one of those sorts of challenges. The stakes may be high; goodbye, you can reach them with some help and perspective.