Things That Could Help You Get Over A Breakup At Home

Getting over a breakup is undoubtedly a challenging process, characterized by a myriad of emotions that vary from person to person. While time plays a significant role in healing, there are proactive steps you can take at home to facilitate the process and transition to a new chapter. Here are some practical tips to guide you through this difficult period and help you emerge stronger:

Remove Your Ex’s Aura from Your Space

Things That Could Help You Get Over A Breakup At Home

Your home should be a sanctuary, a place where you feel safe and at peace. However, if it’s filled with reminders of your ex, like photographs, gifts, or personal belongings, it can keep you stuck in the past. Start by gathering these items and storing them out of sight. This isn’t about erasing memories, but rather about creating a space that allows you to heal and look forward. You might decide to get rid of these items eventually, but for now, focus on making your home a place where you can build new memories.

Rely on Friends and Family

Support systems are crucial during a breakup. Lean on friends and family for emotional support, companionship, and distraction. Invite them over, host a dinner party, or simply spend time together doing activities you enjoy. It’s okay to talk about your feelings and what you’re going through, but try to balance these conversations with positive experiences. Shared laughter and joy with loved ones can be incredibly uplifting and remind you of the good things in life.

Nutrition, Exercise, and Proper Sleep

Never underestimate the power of physical health on your mental well-being. Eating a balanced diet, engaging in regular exercise, and maintaining a healthy sleep schedule can profoundly impact your mood and energy levels. Exercise releases endorphins, which are natural mood lifters. Eating well helps your body feel its best, while good sleep habits can improve your focus and emotional resilience. This holistic approach to self-care is a powerful tool in overcoming the emotional challenges of a breakup.

Focus on a Hobby

Immersing yourself in a hobby can be a therapeutic way to cope with the emotional turmoil of a breakup. Whether it’s something you’ve always loved or a new interest you want to explore, dedicating time to a hobby can provide a sense of purpose and joy. Activities like hiking, gardening, crafting, or even reading can shift your focus from the pain of the breakup to something positive and fulfilling. This change in focus can be a crucial step in the healing process, allowing your mind to take a break from the constant cycle of thoughts about the past relationship.

Rely on Entertainment

Things That Could Help You Get Over A Breakup At Home

Engaging with various forms of entertainment can be a wonderful escape and a source of comfort during tough times. Lose yourself in a good book, binge-watch a new TV series, or enjoy your favorite movies. The arts have a unique way of touching our emotions and can provide a much-needed distraction. They can also offer different perspectives and insights, which might be helpful as you process your feelings and experiences.

How to Get Over a Divorce

Divorce often comes with additional complexities compared to a regular breakup. Beyond the emotional impact, there might be legal, financial, and co-parenting issues to navigate. Here are some extra steps you can take to help you get through a divorce.

Maintain Your Routine

During the upheaval of a divorce, maintaining your daily routines can provide a sense of stability and normalcy. Stick to your regular work schedule, exercise routine, and other daily activities. These routines can act as anchors, helping you to manage the uncertainty and stress that often accompany divorce.

Throw Yourself into Your Work

Focusing on your career or academic pursuits can be a positive outlet during a divorce. It allows you to channel your energies into something productive and potentially fulfilling. If you don’t have a career, this might be an opportune time to consider furthering your education or pursuing new vocational skills. Having a strong focus outside of the divorce can help balance your life and prevent you from being consumed by the emotional strain.

Consult with Experts

Navigating a divorce often requires expert advice. Depending on your situation, you might need to consult with attorneys, financial planners, or therapists. If children are involved, they too might benefit from professional support. Seeking guidance from experts can help ensure that you’re making informed decisions and looking out for your best interests, as well as those of your children.

Avoid Communicating with Your Soon-to-Be-Ex If You Don’t Have To

If your divorce is contentious, minimize your interactions with your soon-to-be ex-spouse, especially if these interactions are stressful or unproductive. This can help reduce conflict and emotional stress. Of course, if children are involved, some level of communication may be necessary, but try to keep it focused and functional, perhaps through written messages or mediated discussions.


Exploring new places and having new experiences can be a refreshing change of scenery and can help you start envisioning a new chapter in your life. Even if your budget is tight, consider short trips or visits to friends and family. These experiences can provide a break from your daily environment and can be a step toward healing and moving forward.

Explore Your Options

A divorce, while challenging, also presents an opportunity to reevaluate your life and make choices that align with your personal happiness and fulfillment. Consider what changes you might want to make, whether it’s in your career, living situation, or personal goals. Allow yourself the freedom to dream and plan for a future that excites you.

Pamper Yourself

Things That Could Help You Get Over A Breakup At Home

In conclusion, it’s important to be kind to yourself as you work to get over a breakup. Engaging in activities that bring you comfort and relaxation, such as indulging in hobbies, taking soothing baths, or spending time in nature, can help ease the pain. It’s crucial to avoid rushing into new relationships or resorting to unhealthy coping mechanisms during this healing process. Remember, healing and self-care take time. Seeking professional help from a therapist is a courageous step towards healing, especially if you find yourself overwhelmed by emotions. Remember, seeking support is a sign of strength, not weakness, and can provide valuable guidance as you navigate this challenging time.


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