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It used to be when you were trying to find information about a particular subject in the world that access to information was the real problem. Trying to find out something about a subject that interested you could prove proved to be more difficult than you might have previously considered if only because the information was not exactly at your fingertips. Rather, you would have to go through a somewhat detailed process related to performing research. The research used to mean looking through many books or other printed materials to find out the information that you needed.

Fast forward to today and that is no longer the case. Rather, information is not only abundant but also at our fingertips. All you need to do is log onto a computer or even pick up a cell phone and all the information of the world becomes available to you simply by looking for it. Imagine being a person who lived 50 or even 100 years ago who needed to perform research for an assignment for school. Do you think that person would have benefited from having something like the Internet? In theory, more information will help you be able to efficiently attack problems related to whatever your particular area of interest is. 

However, the idea that more information makes the completion of a project more attainable or efficient is anything but true in most cases. I believe that most people would be like me and telling you that the more information you have does not necessarily mean that you will arrive anymore clear cut, understandable, and most importantly correct answers to the problem that you are facing or the question that you have. The reality is that sometimes more information does not necessarily mean that you will have an easier time finding the answer to your question. Many people can become bogged down and the a sheer number of options for you when it comes to looking up information. If you are one of those people then I would like to highlight for you some areas of help if you are going through a Texas family law case.

Specifically, I would like to help you to identify several ways to locate more information about family law in Texas. Many people go through family law cases in Texas without learning any information even during the case itself. While there is no requirement that you’ve learned everything you know about a family law case, knowing a fair bit about your divorce or child custody case can certainly make a difference. Being able to understand why your Co-parent is doing the things they are doing during your case may be enough to help you and your children receive a more favorable result.

With that said, let’s walk through some of the most important resources available to you when it comes to learning about a family law case in Texas. Different people utilize different types of information in different ways when it comes to learning. Many people are visual learners who can only come proficient in that area by reading or looking at diagrams. Others do better by listening. Still others or a combination of the two or aren’t sure about how they learn best. 

Whatever category you fall under it is critical for you to learn what type of person and learning style that you have so that you can be PS fully engaged in your case as possible. While performing even basic Internet research can seem tedious at times I can assure you that it is important and can go a long way towards helping you achieve certain goals. True, it will take some effort on your part that may require that you learn a thing or two about performing research. However, the effort that you put into your case at this stage can pay off in big ways for you and your family down the line. Do not underestimate what basic research and the obtaining of information related to your case can do for you and your family both now and into the future.

Where to start when it comes to locating information about the world of Texas family law?

Probably the easiest place to start when it comes to obtaining information about your Texas family law case is the Internet. The Internet contains many, many resources about Texas family law. Complete appeals court decisions regarding family law cases are available, from there, you can get a feel for the questions that you need to be asking so that you are a better understanding of where to turn next as far as your specific questions are concerned. One of the great things about the Internet is that it takes very little time to start collecting information. 

However, the downside is that there are also offers you an overabundance of information such that it can be hard to determine what is in what is not helpful. This is true especially if you have no real basis for learning about a particular subject. For instance, if you know absolutely nothing about getting divorced in Texas yet find yourself looking at a divorce petition recently filed by your spouse then you are probably not going to be well served by looking up complex decisions written by Texas Supreme Court justices in the field of family law.

What you need if you are just starting in the research process is a rundown of basic information about family law as it pertains to child custody or a divorce case. You don’t need to be an expert in the field of family law. You do need to be an expert in your circumstances as well as how the law interacts with those circumstances. Only then are you prepared to move forward with a case? It is ok to be caught by surprise by a family law case. This happens all the time where your spouse files a divorce out of the blue or your child’s co-parent files for child support without any warning. 

The first website that comes to mind regarding basic preparation for a divorce or child custody case is texaslawhelp.org. This website should be one of the first resources you check out when it comes to trying to learn the basics of Texas family law cases. This website can help you learn not only what a child custody or divorce case means but also the steps involved in the case, the documents that are frequently filed within the case, and what a civil case in Texas timeline looks like. You can learn almost every meaningful and basic part of a Texas family law case from this website.

One of the parts of the website that I like is that an offers a guide 2 many sorts of different legal cases in Texas. Modifying a custody order and obtaining a divorce are two of the guides that I came across in a very quick look through the website. You can spend some time looking through their different blogs to learn more about each type of case. When it comes to practical knowledge that can assist you in learning and managing a case then this is the perfect place to start.

What this website does that I also like in particular is to point you towards forms that you will need to file if you decide to move forward with the case and do not have an attorney’s representation behind you. In almost every family law case I would recommend that you consider hiring an attorney. However, if that is something that does not interest you then having the forms provided to you is crucially important because making mistakes on filing documents can be a huge point of error. Errors in family law cases cost time and money.

The website does not fill out the paperwork for you. it also makes it clear that taking their information off the website does not mean that there is an attorney-client relationship established. Rather, simply making this information known to you is a service provided by the website that they do not get any monetary benefit out of. You should be careful about completing paperwork on your own without the assistance of an attorney. Otherwise, having this type of information can be invaluable because you would need to contact the clerk I would ever catch your case has been assigned to you to learn what documents need to be filed. This is not something impossible or beyond your ability to do but it can be confusing and can be a point of contention between you and your spouse if you are trying to file your documents in tandem.

Otherwise, the website presents questions that are common about each subject of family law, including divorce. These are extremely basic questions that covered topics like how to file for divorce as well as what to do if your spouse doesn’t live in Texas or how much you may end up paying for divorce. Sometimes you may have such little information that you can’t even ask the right questions to learn more about your case. On this website, you cannot only learn information but find out what questions may be relevant to your circumstances. Providing you with information is important but it is also important for you to be able to cause your brain to start thinking more clearly about your case as well as how to prepare for it.

One other helpful tool that this website provides you with is the ability to give you information specifically tailored to your circumstances. The biggest distinction that can be made in a family law case is whether you have an attorney or do not. You may choose to initially not be represented by an attorney. I can tell you from my experience that many of the clients of the Law Office of Bryan Fagan at least considered not being represented by counsel at the beginning of their case. From there, the decision was eventually made to hire a lawyer for several reasons.

Many times it could be that the case never got off the ground or that life got in the way and as a result, you were not able to C2 at that all the documents were filed on time, the imposing party was notified of any filings and that your case was proceeding along as planned. The last thing you want to do is put yourself in a position where you represent yourself and your spouse chooses to represent themselves in a divorce only to find that you all make too many mistakes and are not able to complete your case in a timely fashion. No amount of money but you could save from not hiring a lawyer would make it worth it especially if you never actually get to a divorce.

In the alternative, if you decide to look at this website but end up deciding that you want to have an attorney then you can proceed to seek legal assistance through the website. For instance, the website provides you with a legal help directory that allows you to search by area of expertise as well as counties covered so you can locate a family law attorney in your county of residence. If you are completely new to looking for help in your family law case and have no other resources turn two then this website can be especially helpful for you. If nothing else, it gives you a good jumping-off point to begin your research.

Speaking to an experienced fan turn in person

Of course, there is no substitute for seeking the advice experienced family law attorney. The benefit of technology is that you do not necessarily have to visit an attorney face to face at least for your initial conversation. Attorneys such as those with the Law Office of Bryan Fagan can meet with you in free of charge consultations in person over the phone or via video. However, I recommend meeting with the attorney in person before hiring him or her.

Bear in mind that hiring an attorney is not like hiring any other professional that you have probably ever worked with. You and your attorney will be working closely together and you will be trusting him or her 2 deliver results for you in the area of your life that is the most important. Whether it means protecting your property in a divorce or ensuring your strong relationship with your children in a child custody case, you need to have a profound amount of respect and trust in your attorney. The difficult part of this is that you will likely only have a short period to make a decision. So, you have to have a good idea of what you want and what qualities are most important in your case.

An inexperienced family law attorney can provide you with this sort of specific advice and perspective that you need to move forward in whatever family law case you are engaged in. What the Internet can do is provide you with general information about the field the family law. However, that perspective and information can only take you so far. The reality of a family law case is that these cases are incredibly fact-specific and require that you understand how the law interacts with the facts of your case specifically. Understanding only basic amounts of information about your case or the law is a bad combination. 

Rather, you should understand thoroughly how the facts of your case interact with the law. An experienced family law attorney can provide you with this sort of information in a specific setting where you can get the advice quickly and efficiently. You do not have to sort through a dozen websites then you can even determine what facts and circumstances from your case are most relevant to a judge. Otherwise, you may end up going into a case and believing that certain facts or circumstances are more relevant to an outcome than they are. 

The bottom line is that you need to be prepared to have as much information before going into a family law case as possible. While you cannot always choose the exact circumstances you encounter at the beginning of a family law case you can at least choose the amount of effort you put into obtaining knowledge. Looking at websites like texaslawhelp.org as well as speaking with experienced family law attorneys like those with the Law Office of Bryan Fagan can certainly assist you in obtaining this level of knowledge. 

Questions about the material contained in today’s blog post? Contact the Law Office of Bryan Fagan

if you have any questions about the material contained in today’s blog post please do not hesitate to contact the Law Office of Bryan Fagan. Our licensed family law attorneys offer free of charge consultations six days a week in person, over the phone, and via video. These consultations are a great way for you to learn more about the world of Texas family law as well as about how your family circumstances may be impacted by the filing of a divorce or child custody case.

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