Texas Stalker Murder

Every day there is another horrific crime that appears on the news to remind us how scary the world can be. I am certain we all saw the Texas stalker killing of the Redmond podcast couple in their home over the week. If not, here is a recap of the tragedy that occurred.

The Tragedy

The victim of the crime was Zoreh Sadeghi she was 33 years old and hosted a podcast on the clubhouse app. This is where she met a fan that later on became her stalker and found her. He allegedly found her on the clubhouse app, as he had listened to one of her streams about gaining employment in the Tech industry. Zoreh Sadeghi was a software engineer and her podcast was based on talking about the tech industry and how to gain employment within it.

The Second victim of the crime was her husband, Mohammed Milad Naseri he was 35 years old and was currently working as a software engineer at Amazon in January 2022. He previously attended the Sharif University of Technology and was ranked among the best singers in Tehran as a teenager, according to his blog.

Zoreh Sadeghi was amicable with her fan at first and was thought to have even befriended him at one point. But her fan turned deadly and he became infatuated with her. That is when things started to escalate and he started to harass and stalk her. There were instances of him showing up at their home unwanted with flowers. Zoreh Sadeghi contacted the police to file a no-contact order against him for stalking and telephone harassment. There were accounts of harassing phone calls and threats, with the stalking behavior intensifying. Then the very next day, she requested and obtained a protection order against the stalker.

In March, Zoreh Sadeghi requested a protection order; she wrote that she had a “deep-seated fear” for her safety. On March 3rd, 2023, a temporary protection order was signed and a hearing was scheduled for March 17, 2023. In her petition for a protection order, she had expressed concern for her ability to react to a crisis as she had just received a major back surgery. Which had required 24-hour care and she had feared for her life and the lives of her loved ones.

According to Zoreh Sadeghi’s Protection Order, she had blocked his phone number and social media accounts, but he used different numbers and fake accounts to continue to contact her. According to her record, he sent over 82 messages through an app in one day alone.

He had also purchased items of affection and mailed them to her at her home address. One of them was a neck scarf that she opened with police officers present. The item was then taken in as evidence.

The stalker had tormented and harassed her and also her husband. Threatening that he would show up to her home and set it on fire, he left voicemails declaring he would not stop unless “he killed himself or died” according to The Seattle Times.

The police spent the week trying to locate the stalker and serve him the protection order but had not been able to find him. The stalker’s profession as a truck driver had made it difficult to locate him for arrest and also to serve him the protection order. His profession made him move from place to place and pinning him down to one location was difficult for the police.

On the day of the tragedy, police were alerted to a shooting in progress. Zoreh Sadeghi’s mother scuffled with the stalker and was able to make it to the neighbor’s house to call 911. Once the police arrived on the scene, Zoreh Sadeghi’s husband, Mohammed Naseri, collapsed in the doorway of their home and the police pulled him outside. They realized that he had been shot and began to perform CPR and life-saving measures. He did not make it and was pronounced dead at the scene. As police entered the home, they found the body of Zoreh Sadeghi and the stalker in the primary bedroom of the house.

What are the Texas Stalking Laws?

In Texas, the Penal Code for stalking is 47.072, which states a person commits this offense if the person on more than one occasion and pursuant to the same scheme or course of conduct that it is directed specifically at another person, knowingly engages in harassment or the person knows or reasonably should know that the other person will regard as threatening. Stalking is considered a third-degree felony in Texas, which holds the consequence of a prison sentence of 2-10 years and a fine of as much as $10,000. If this is a repeated offense, then the crime is now a second-degree felony, which holds the consequence of a prison sentence of 2-20 years and a fine up to $10,000.

What does Stalking Look Like?

Anyone can be a victim of stalking, as there is no preference as to who might be stalked more than others. A stalker can make threats that include injuring the person or even injuring a member of the person’s family, household or even someone they are dating. They can make death threats to the person in the same way. Threats can be explicit, like saying you will hurt the person, or implied, like hurting the family pet to send a message. The threats have to be directed at a specific person to be considered stalking, they cannot be general threats. Stalking can even be done by someone who is acting on the stalker’s behalf. It does not always have to be one person to be considered a stalking crime.

What is a Protection Order?

You can get a protection order if you have been the victim of violence, stalking or sexual abuse. You have to apply for a protection order through the courts and there are different kinds of protection orders to choose from for the different crimes that might be committed. A protection order orders an offender to not hurt, threaten or harass you or your loved ones either directly or through another person. It orders them to stay away from you or your loved ones, your home, workplace or children’s daycare or school. It also orders them to not carry a gun even if they have a license.

The judge can order a separation of the cell phone and the child’s cell phone if it is connected or under the offender’s account. They can also set terms and conditions for visitation or order the offender to attend anger management classes. The judge can order drug testing or for the offender to attend a substance abuse treatment program. And lastly, the judge can order the offender out of the house, called a kick-out order.

What Evidence Needs to be Presented to Obtain a Protection Order?

If you are being stalked, you must show evidence the offender committed the act of stalking. To prove this, it is important to call the police whenever you feel like you are being stalked. If you have made reports before, it is more likely that a protection order will be granted, as it will show there are multiple instances of being harassed. Providing text messages, voice mail messages and emails proving the harassment is occurring can help you obtain a protective order as well.

How Long will a Protective Order Last?

Protective orders will last depending on the type of crime committed and the seriousness of the harm. There is a temporary protective order that can last up to 20 days and there is a final protective order that can last as long as two years.

How to Know if You are Being Stalked?

The stalker will normally follow the person and/or the person’s family or household members around. They can vandalize your property to scare you or make you aware of their presence. They may make repeated phone calls, emails, text messages or even messages through social media. They might send unwanted gifts to your address or even work. They might drive by your house, office and other commonplaces you frequent. They could park and wait for your arrival and departure from these places. With the power of technology, there is even the possibility of being stalked with GPS or other tracking software that allows them to know where you are.

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