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Ever wondered about the story behind those headlines that make your eyebrows shoot up? We’ve all had that moment of intrigue, right? Well, get ready to dive into a rollercoaster of a story that’s more captivating than your favorite crime drama. Read about the riveting journey of Lyle Menendez’s net worth.

Who is Jose Enrique Menendez?

Jose Enrique Menendez was born in Havana, Cuba on May 6, 1944. He was from a successful upper-middle-class family in Havana. It was reported by Jose’s sister Marta that Jose was a spoiled and unruly child. She also recalls witnessing her mother had molested Jose. Marta continues to say she believes the sexual abuse Jose had suffered from never stopped after he went to school.

The Menendez family had belonged to a country club in Havana. In 1954, when Jose was about 10 years old that it was reported that he had set fire to the country club floor during a Christmas party that they attended.

Later on in life, he found himself in the United States. While attending Southern Illinois University, he met Mary Louise “Kitty” Anderson. They quickly became a couple. After Kitty had graduated, the couple had eloped in 1963 and moved to New York City. Jose later graduated from Queens College and passed the CPA exam. He became a certified public accountant at the age of 21 year old.

It was stated that Jose Menendez was despised by many of his co-workers. He had a reputation for humiliating them in front of people. It was also noted that he took pleasure in firing people. As a husband, it was told that he was allegedly unfaithful to his wife. He had not only a mistress but also a string of girlfriends. As a father, he pushed his sons ruthlessly, determined for his sons to be tennis professionals.

Who is Mary Louise Anderson “Kitty”?

Mary Lou Anderson is known by her friends and loved ones as Kitty. She was born in 1941, in the suburbs of Chicago. Tragedy struck the family at an early age, with her father leaving the family to marry another woman. With the divorce being hostile, Kitty grew up withdrawn and was noted to be depressed. She went on to become a beauty queen for the Oak Lawn at a young age in Chicago. It was when she was a senior at Southern Illinois University that she met Jose Menendez. He was a freshman at the time. They fell in love and later eloped in 1963.

Who Are Lyle Menendez and Erik Menendez?

Lyle Menendez was the oldest of the brothers and was born on January 10, 1968, in New York. He later grew up on the outskirts of Princeton, New Jersey. About two years after his birth, the family moved to Gloucester Township, New Jersey where his younger brother Erik Menendez was born on November 27, 1970.

The Childhood Of The Brothers

Both of the brothers spent the majority of their life living in the suburbs of New Jersey where they attended Princeton Day School. The brothers grew up closely, even though their personalities were different from each other. Early on in life, both boys were told to pick a sport and excel at it by their father. Lyle ended up picking soccer and swimming before he settled on tennis. Later on was regarded as a very strong tennis player.

The Menendez Brothers’ Early Years

At Princeton Day School in New Jersey, Lyle had met a fellow tennis player called Stacy Feldman and had started dating. Although this was not allowed at the school, the school turned a blind eye as they felt that Lyle and Stacy only had each other. After Stacy had graduated from high school, she ended up moving away for college, she and Lyle had broken up. It was in his teen years that Lyle’s hair started to thin and his father forced him to wear a toupee. Lyle would wear it all the way into the late 1990s. Erik was remembered as shy and withdrawn as a child. His grades in school were average. Later on, it was discovered that he had an auditory processing disorder as well as dyslexia. His mother never treated him for either of the disorders.

Erik’s Struggle for Acceptance

Erik eventually felt worthy of being a Menendez. He reportedly attempted to run away from home at the age of 12. However, his father located him and threatened him with violence if he tried to leave again. It was said that Erik idolized his older brother, Lyle. His friends were puzzled by his admiration for Lyle. Erik described his relationship with his deceased father as harsh. He believed that his father favored Lyle over him, which intensified his aspiration to match his older brother’s achievements.

He stated that his father frequently insulted him, implying that he was inferior to his brother and portraying Lyle as a troublemaker. Many believe that Erik’s closeness to his brother stemmed from Lyle being the most approachable member of the family. Together, the brothers formed a united front against their father’s demanding attitude.

Early Crimes In California

The family had moved to Southern California in 1986 and the move had led the boys to grow more rebellious. Lyle had stayed in New Jersey attending Princeton University for a short while, although he had expressed to his father that he wanted to attend another university. Later on he expressed he wanted to drop out altogether, but his father refused. His stay at Princeton was cut short, though. Lyle was suspended for a year due to being caught plagiarizing his partner’s work.

Erik, on the other hand, had moved to California. He had enrolled at Calabasas High School and ended up developing his own identity and was remarked as a relatively popular student. He later became good friends with Craig Cignarelli, they would often drive to the valley to talk about their ambitions for the future and themselves. It was at this time that Erik and Craig started to burglarize some of the neighborhood houses with Craig.

Neighborhood Burglaries Uncovered

When Lyle was visiting his family, he had joined his brother on his string of burglaries in the neighborhood. It was at this point that the Menendez brothers started to commit a series of burglaries in their neighborhood. They stole about $100,000 worth of items from their neighborhood homes. When their father found out, he made them return everything that they stole and the items that they were not able to replace their father paid for it out of his own pocket. It was noted that Jose Menendez was not upset that his sons were burglarizing the community; he was upset that they had gotten caught. Jose had made a deal with the cops that Lyle would get off free, while Erik would take the fall for everything. Erik ended up having to serve community service with the homeless and the brothers had to undergo psychological counseling.

The Crime Scene

Lyle Menendez and Erik Menendez were the famous sons that murdered both their parents in 1989 at their Beverly Hills home. At the time of the crime, Lyle was 21 years old and Erik was 18 years old when they had calmly walked into their home, into their parent’s Beverly Hill Mansion armed with shotguns. They aimed at both their parents Jose and Kitty, who were sitting on the couch in the home den watching television and they shot Jose in the head point blank and were shot three additional times in his legs and arms. Lyle then left the house to reload at his vehicle and reentered to shoot his mother. The boy’s mother was shot five times throughout her body and four times in the head.

The Reason For the Murder

The Menendez brothers, Erik and Lyle, both claimed that they killed their parents Jose and Kitty after they had been subjected to years of abuse by their father. It was reported that Jose had worked both of his boys to the bone in athletics. Although Jose has portrayed himself as a doting father and husband behind closed doors, he was described as strict and cruel. A friend of the daily Karen Lamm described Jose as being mean to Kitty his wife and goes on to say that the boys watched as their mother became a doormat to her husband, Jose Menendez.

The Trial of the Brothers

During the trial, the defense claimed that Jose had molested Lyle from the young age of six to eight, and Erik from the age of six to 18. They also noted that when Lyle discovered that his brother Erik was still being molested, he then threatened his father to leave Erik alone or that he would expose him.

Although Lyle admits that after he had confronted his father, he felt that he and Erik were in danger after the confrontation. Lyle stated on trial that “he would kill us. He’d get rid of us in some way. Because I was going to ruin him.” Two cousins of the Menendez boys, Andres Cano and Diane Vander Molen, had stayed with the Menendez family on separate occasions and testified that the boys had told them about the sexual abuse when they were young.

Kitty Menendez: A Controversial Figure in the Trial

Kitty, the mother, was also brought up in the trial and the defense attacked her by painting her as a husk of a woman. That she had struggled with alcoholism and drug addiction; she was a broken wife and a useless mother that had been devastated by Jose’s many affairs. As she did not only know about the sexual abuse but that there were allegations that she herself doled out both physical and sexual abuse to both of her sons.

The first trial originally lasted six months and both brothers’ trials ended with hung juries they were unable to agree on whether Lyle and Erik were guilty of murder or acting in their own self-defense. The second trial took place in 1995 and was less sensationalized as the judge at the time did not allow for there to be cameras in the courtroom. The judge had also ruled that there was insufficient evidence that Jose had abused his sons, which was the defense team’s central claim for the brothers.

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