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13 Things to Think About After Your Texas Divorce is Final

I have found as a Houston, Texas Divorce Lawyer after I am able to help my clients get a divorce often times they still have questions. What I like to do for them is send them a closing letter. This letter will include a certified copy of their divorce decree. I will then address different parts of the Final Divorce Decree in the letter.

I thought it would be helpful to explain in Today’s blog post some of the advice I give in my letter. Although, I like to tailor my letters to my specific clients some of my suggestions might be helpful if you have been through a divorce or things you can expect and prepare for while going through a Texas divorce.

After the Divorce Hearing

  1. Paperwork – In my letter I let my client’s know if there is any paperwork that still needs to be done. This might be a deed to the house or if there is a retirement account a Qualified Domestic Relations Order may still need to be drafted.
  2. Personal Items – If personal items have not already been divided. Usually a specific time has been designated for that to take place. I will remind my clients of that date.
  3. Financial accounts – I remind my clients to update any beneficiary’s designations on any bank or financial accounts.
  4. 30 Day waiting Period – I let my clients know they were divorced on “X” date and although many states do not require a divorced person to wait before remarrying, the State of Texas does. There is a thirty day waiting period. During this time, either party to the divorce can appeal the divorce decree and the divorce will be “reopened”.
  5. Enforcement of Property/Debts – I let my clients know that if their former spouse fails to comply with the court order regarding the division of property or debt, they may wish to return to court to enforce your Final Decree of Divorce.  To enforce the terms of the property division in a divorce, it will be necessary to return to the court that entered the order and file a lawsuit to enforce the terms of the divorce decree.
  6. Vehicle and Home Insurance – I remind my clients to contact their auto insurance and homeowner's insurance carriers to make certain all coverage now is in your individual name and that the carriers have correct addresses and information regarding the properties, vehicles, personal property owned by each spouse.
  7. Taxes -  I remind my clients that we do not give tax advice and they should accordingly, please contact a certified public accountant, accountant regarding any tax questions they may have.
  8. New WillI suggest my clients if they have not already done so, please consider having a new will prepared to make certain the people they want will receive properties owned by them in the event of their death.
  9. Child Related Obligations – If there are children involved in the divorce. I go through the child visitation order and remind them of specific deadlines they need to pay attention.
  10. Child SupportIf child support is a part of the case I either explain what steps need to be done to pay the child support or what needs to be done to set up an account with the Office of the Attorney General to collect child support.
  11. Health Insurance for the Children – I will explain each parent’s responsibility for health under the divorce decree. One example would be that one parent is responsible for the health insurance premium and that uninsured medical is split 50/50.
  12. Change of address – updates required – When parents have children together the Final Decree of Divorce requires the parents to update their information and notify the other parent when the following changes: 1) Current residence 2) employment address 3) name of employer 4) Home and Work telephone numbers.
  13. Name Change – If my client has changed their name during the divorce I then explain what steps need to be taken to get their name changed on their driver’s license, social security card, etc.

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