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Suit Affecting Parent Child Relationship: Who Needs One and Why?

When two people who have not been married have a child, the lawsuit that is filed in court to determine custody, duties, rights and visitation (among other things) for a child is called a Suit Affecting Parent Child Relationship (SAPCR). In most instances the process begins with a request to adjudicate the parentage of the child and father. A SAPCR operates similar to that of a divorce except only the circumstances of the child(ren) are taken into consideration.

What exactly may be taken into possession?

The following are subjects that are typical in a SAPCR:

  1. health insurance/child support and who will pay it
  2. geographic restriction- will the child(ren) be limited to living in a particular city, county or set of counties?
  3. visitation- where and how often
  4. possession of the child(ren) and who gets to pick where they live
  5. rights and duties of both parents regarding medical, educational or other important decisions

Modifying The Court Order

Once the parties to a SAPCR either come to an agreement on final orders or a court rules on a case, parties must abide by the order until a modification is sought. In order to modify a SAPCR, one party must file in the court of continuing jurisdiction.

To close out this post it is important to point out that not only parents can file a SAPCR. Grandparents, uncles, aunts, sisters, etc. may file as well if they've had actual care and control of the child for six months prior to the SAPCR having been filed. For instance, if one or both parents are deceased, a caregiving family member may file a SAPCR in order to have the rights and duties discussed above conferred upon them.

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