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Why Should I Hire a Family Law Attorney for My Texas Divorce Case?

Even if you have an attorney that you trust for other matters, family law cases will often require a level of expertise not possessed by attorneys that specialize in other specialties. I've compiled a list of five reasons why it's a smart idea to hire a family law attorney for your custody or divorce case

1. Someone to help mediate disputes between spouses

Family law attorneys can help mediate disputes between their client and their client's spouse. Yes, if you hire an attorney it's to be expected that the attorney should be an advocate for their client's interests. That being said, it isn't uncommon for both parties to a divorce to have resentment, anger and frustration that clouds their ability to make rational decisions.

The ability to further discussion and arrive at settlement on particular issue can create the sort of stability that a family needs to resolve problems and build the foundation for a successful, post divorce life. 

2. A family law attorney knows the Family Code.

This may seem obvious, maybe too obvious to merit its own number on this list, but family law is driven by law that is codified by the Texas Legislature. There isn't much a person can do in a divorce or custody case that isn't set forth by these statutes.

Knowledge of the rules of the game are essential to successfully managing a case and a client. 

3. Paying their fair share

In an election year such as this, we hear more and more about people "paying their fair share" of this and that. While politicians are most certainly referencing taxes, a family law attorney can help you determine if you're getting your fair share of the community property, assets or time with your children. Your attorney can also set you straight to an extent if you're far overvaluing your "advantages" in a case.

Overestimating your position relative to your spouse or ex-spouse can be extremely detrimental and your attorney can help you understand all of the circumstances of your case and aid you in decision making.

4. Time Management of your Texas Divorce Case

Finally, a family law attorney can aid their client in efficiently and effectively managing a case. A Texas divorce takes a minimum of 60 days to file and finalize the separation. While it may be unrealistic in most cases to complete a contested divorce (one where the parties don't agree on literally every issue) in this time frame, a family law attorney can minimize wasted time and help their client move on with their life.

Understanding what subjects can hamstring a negotiation and how to avoid a stalemate is an underrated aspect of a lawyer's role in the divorce process.

Compassion, advocacy skills and an eye for detail are a few of the attributes that set the attorneys at the Law Office of Bryan Fagan, PLLC apart from other lawyers. Please contact us today with any questions regarding how we can assist you during your divorce case.


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