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Enforcement Defense

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Every divorcee in Texas has the right to use divorce decree enforcement methods when necessary. However, some divorcees may misinterpret the agreements forged in their divorce decree and try to incorrectly enforce it. Others may wrongfully use enforcement methods out of spite, trying to make the life of their ex-spouse or ex-partner more difficult after a contested divorce.

If you are being intentionally or inadvertently bothered by an ex-spouse who is trying to use divorce decree enforcement against you, talk to The Law Office of Bryan Fagan, PLLC as soon as possible. Our Houston family lawyers can discuss the situation during a free initial consultation scheduled to your convenience.

Defending You From Wrongful Enforcement Attempts

In Texas, when someone is found to be violating a divorce decree, it is likely the court will hold them in contempt. This is technically a criminal violation, so you could be put behind bars, forced to pay heavy fines, or both. The strength and validity of your defense is crucial, even though you will most likely bring it forth in a family law court, not a criminal court.

Our enforcement defense attorneys in Houston can discuss the following defenses and more with you:

  • Misunderstanding: Let us use our extensive combined legal experience to review your divorce decree. In doing so, we may be able to identify what your ex-spouse is misunderstanding to the point of thinking you have violating the decree. If we can explain to the court that you never violated the actual terms of the order – whether it describes child support, visitation, or another aspect of divorce – then you could be found entirely in the right.
  • Unknowing: Intent plays a major role in enforcement defense cases. If you did actually violate your divorce decree but can prove you had no idea of your wrongdoing, it is possible the court will “go easy” on you. In such cases, a judge will likely demand you correct the situation but not take any additional steps to penalize you, which is a legal win.
  • Spite: We cannot rule out that your ex-spouse is lying or exaggerating the situation to try to paint you in a negative picture before the court. Our attorneys can attempt to show the court spite is the motivation behind your ex-spouse’s motion of contempt. In doing so, we can uphold your good name and reputation.

Your Enforcement Defense Case Begins with One Call to (281) 810-9760

Our Houston family law attorneys at The Law Office of Bryan Fagan, PLLC are serious about doing the right thing for our clients. From straightforward cases to high-stakes and complex legal contests, we always devote ourselves to securing the best possible outcome. When you entrust your divorce decree enforcement defense case to our team, you will feel confident in your decision due to our capabilities, compassion, and history of success.

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