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William D. Rowlett

Senior Attorney

HOWDY! I am William D. Rowlett and I joined the Law Firm of Bryan Fagan in July 2020. Before that, I had been an assistant district attorney in Dallas County and Grayson County, Texas. After leaving the district attorney’s office, I was an attorney in private practice representing clients in criminal, family and juvenile law cases in the North Texas area.

I was born and grew up in Dallas. I call myself a “proud Dallas boy”. I’m even prouder that I’m a Texan. I brag that my mother and father are my “heroes” and genuinely believe that the best thing that ever happened to me was having them as his parents. My brother “JR” is a lawyer married 33 years with three daughters and the Rowlett brothers are the only lawyers in Texas with the surname “Rowlett”. My sister Pam is married since 1991, has worked for American Airlines since 1988 and is a proud mom of three sons. Family is a “big deal” with the Rowletts. We are always there for each other. Mom and Dad made it that way. I count my blessings for that. Their “folks” made it that way for them.

Family law is special to me because it’s not always about divorce. It can be about a grandparent caring for his/her grandchild while the parent is in prison. It can be about adoption of a child into a loving family. In either case, an innocent child should never suffer.

While attending law school in Houston in the 1980's, I personally watched Houston legal legends Joe Jamail, Richard “Racehorse” Haynes, Marian Rosen, Ronald Krist and Rusty Hardin argue cases in the Houston, Harris County courts and became convinced that the Houston area legal scene was the “gold standard of lawyering in Texas”. From these early influences, I developed a simple approach to lawyering which is:

1.) EMPATHIZE. Imagine yourself being in your client’s situation. You would be probably pretty stressed-out, too. That’s why you have a lawyer. That said,

2.) EXPLORE every legal avenue available to your client. Ask your client what he or she thinks about the options you have found.

3.) DON’T WIMP OUT EARLY ON. Things are not usually as bad as the opposing lawyer wants you to believe at the beginning. And often, there’s more to it.

4.) IF PUSH COMES TO SHOVE, STAND YOUR GROUND. Often, you end up calling their bluff. Not always, of course. Every case is different on its own merits. The closer your case gets to a trial, the more likely you are to getting a better outcome.

5.) NEVER ASSUME THAT CASES ARE WON BY THE SLICKEST TALKING, FANCY-PANTS LAWYERS. Lawyers who are well-prepared and have the right facts on their side usually win the cases.

6.) Most important, KEEP YOUR CLIENT UP TO SPEED AND INFORMED about the activity of their case. Besides being just good customer service which you are being paid handsomely to provide, your client does have a right to know what’s going on.

My favorite things to do are being close to the sea, reading history, watching Texas Longhorns football, listening to Willie Nelson and Glen Campbell music, watching a good movie with Tommy Lee Jones or Steve McQueen in them, following the news and barbeque, Tex-Mex and Southern Louisiana cuisine. Now and again, I get in a little physical exercise walking at a well air-conditioned shopping mall.

I am a proud graduate of the University of Texas with a BA degree. I received my JD from South Texas College of Law. I received my law license from the State Bar of Texas on November 6, 1987.

I am here and happy to help you in any way that I can.

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