Federally Mandated Income Withholding for Support

As part of a child custody, child support or divorce case you may be ordered to either receive or pay child support towards the benefit of your child. However, you may also be ordered to either receive or pay child support as far as a federal mandate connected to your employment. In the even of such a mandate, an Income Withholding for Support form must be completed. You, your co-parent, the Office of the Attorney General Child Support Division or the family court may complete and submit this form.

The name of the obligor parent (parent obligated to pay child support) must be completed along with their date of birth, Social Security number, and information regarding the obligee parent and child(ren)’s name(s). The specific amount of income to be withheld for current, past due or medical support must also be specified. The frequency by which the income must be withheld, such as weekly or bi-weekly, must also be noted. If a lump sum payment of support is desired and authorized by a court this, too, may be specified within the Income withholding for Support form.

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