Moving to Kingwood

Moving to Kingwood

If you are considering a move after a divorce, look no further than Kingwood. A small town that has been incorporated into the City of Houston, Kingwood provides residents with tremendous value for their money in terms of amenities, schools, neighborhoods, and job opportunities.

Why Move to Kingwood?

Situated off of Highway 69 northeast of Houston, Kingwood is one of the most well-established suburban communities in all of the Houston metropolitan areas. When you think of suburbs of Houston, Kingwood is probably one of the first to come to mind. This for good reason. The convenience of living adjacent to a major highway makes getting into Houston- or getting away for a weekend trip very simple. Lake Houston and all the recreation possibilities that it offers is right in your backyard as well.

The areas directly around Kingwood have seen tremendous growth over the course of the past decade. Humble is a suburb of Houston which is more accurately small-town. Located just south of Kingwood, Humble is a great place to call home. Just east of Humble as you get closer to Lake Houston is Atascocita. With the acclaimed Atascocita ISD, dining options and recreation adjacent to the lake Atascocita is another great place to consider a move towards.

Kingwood is known as the “Livable Forest” with twenty-five neighborhoods nestled amongst the tall trees. Most of these neighborhoods have a community pool and other services available to residents. A large commercial footprint in Kingwood does not detract from the beauty of living amongst the foliage and tree cover. Terrific neighborhoods include Barrington Kingwood, Kings Mill, Royal Brook, and Oakhurst at Kingwood. Greenbelts connect almost all the neighborhoods to one another- perfect for cyclists and runners alike.

When moving to Kingwood it is important to note that travelling by car is the most efficient manner to get around the city of Houston. However, public transportation in Kingwood is available through the METRO park and ride. METRO is the public transportation company for Houston. If driving into the city each day is not for you, park each morning at the park and ride and catch up on work- or some sleep- on the ride to the office.

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