Medical Resources in Houston

Medical Resources in Houston

If you have recently moved to Houston, you may be unaware of that your new home boasts the world’s largest medical center just a short drive from downtown. The Texas Medical Center contains specialty clinics, hospitals, and emergency medicine in a massive and impressive collection of buildings located adjacent to one another just south of downtown and near the museum district. While Houston is a large city and your day-to-day medical needs may not require you to visit the Med Center with any regularity, it is great to be able to rely upon these providers if you need to. Thousands of patients visit Houston each year from across the USA and the globe to avail themselves to these medical providers.

On a primary care level, providers like Houston Methodist, Memorial Hermann and Kelsey Seybold provide multiple locations around Houston where primary care doctors can be accessed. Check with your insurance provider to determine what clinics and physicians are covered by your plan before making a selection. Many times, you will be able to find a primary care doctor in your neighborhood or not too far from home. These are the type of options available to you in Houston.

Not having medical insurance should not hold you back if you would like to move to Houston. The Harris Health system allows residents of Harris County to attend their clinics for care at little to no cost. When you have an address, you can contact Harris Health to fill out an application. If approved, you will be given a gold card to attend clinic visits for primary care purposes. In addition, the Harris Health system has clinic locations across the area and can even offer specialty care in top of yearly health screenings and well checkups.

Finally, if you have children then pediatricians are not hard to find at all in Houston. The Kelsey Seybold, Memorial Hermann and Methodist networks offer pediatricians. Additionally, Texas Children’s Hospitals- one of the highest rated pediatric hospitals in the country- also provides primary care for children located across Houston.

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