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If you’re in the process of getting a divorce, oftentimes you will be required to make quick decisions. These decisions can be in regards to spousal support, property possession or restraining contact. Temporary orders are granted by the judge and will quickly settle agreements temporarily on a number of issues that may unexpectedly arise throughout the divorce process.

At the Law Office of Bryan Fagan, PLLC, our Houston family law attorney can assist you in all aspects of your temporary order request. We have the skill and experience to not only guide you through the process but also advocate on your behalf in every step of the way.

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Temporary Order Hearings

Once the proper paperwork has been completed, the judge will consider your temporary order request during your court hearing. These hearings typically do not last long and, at its conclusion, the judge will make an immediate ruling that either issues the temporary order you requested or modify it.

  • Review details of the request
  • Ask your spouse for his or her side of the story
  • In child support cases, the judge will look at factors such as income and who has primary custody of the children

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