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Your legal name appears on every important document you fill out, and if you no longer feel that your current name suits you, it may be time for a legal name change. In Texas, the legal name change process is all about attention to detail. Whether you want to change your name because of a divorce or any other reason, the best way to get started is with an understanding of the basics. In his eBook, Bryan Fagan gives readers an overview of the entire legal name change process. He breaks up legal name changes by reason and gives you the information you need to get started.

Throughout the eBook, Attorney Fagan covers:

  • How to change your name in Texas if you are getting married or divorced
  • How to petition a name change for other reasons
  • Reasons a name change may not be granted
  • Reporting your new name to the Department of Public Safety (DPS) and the Social Security Administration (SSA)
  • Updating your important documents
  • Name change hearings (“prove ups”)
  • Changing your child’s name, too
  • And more

From requesting a name change to what to do after your name change is granted, Attorney Fagan’s Adult Name Change eBook explores the entire name change process from start to finish. If you’re thinking about changing your name, our eBook is a great place to start.

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