Family-Owned Businesses & Farms

Legal Services Related to Family-Owned Businesses & Farms in Houston

Protecting Your Property from Unexpected Risk

Protect your family-owned business or farm from risks like a lawsuit or an unexpected death in the family without an estate plan. Seeking the counsel of an attorney with the right knowledge of Texas state laws and the tenacity to secure what is yours is your best step to securing your business or farm.

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Protecting Family-Owned Businesses & Farms in Texas

If you want your business and the wealth that you have accumulated over your lifetime to stay in your family, you will need to take legal action to ensure this happens. At any time (often unexpectedly), you or your family could run into hardships like a lawsuit, a death, a divorce, or financial problems, which could affect the ownership of your business or farm. A lawyer can help you make the right steps to protect your assets. That way they stay in the family – for good.

How a Lawyer Can Help Protect a Family-Owned Business & Farm

An attorney will be much more familiar with Texas state laws and can anticipate risks that might impact your family-owned business or farm. Determining what these are will then allow you and your attorney to then come up with a legal strategy to minimize risk and ensure your assets are protected.

Some ways a lawyer can help you secure your assets are as follows:

Finding the Right Family Estate Attorney

The perpetuation of business or land ownership in a family is worth looking after and caring for your future generations. These assets are personal, and families typically have close ties to them. Our attorneys at the Law Office of Bryan Fagan, PLLC are happy to help you establish a plan to keep your assets in the family.

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