To our Service Members

Military and First Responders receive 10% discount at the Law Office of Bryan Fagan

Going through a divorce is serious. The stress and anxiety of a difficult divorce is enough to make even the bravest among us anxious. The attorneys take pride in serving those in our community who need strong and experienced representation in divorce cases. However, our attorneys and staff especially take pride in serving those who serve us all- members of our military and first responders.

Military divorces have unique features compared to civilian divorces especially regarding the division of military retirement benefits, health insurance coverage and spousal support. First responders- police, firefighters, EMTs- have their own set of unique circumstances to contend with. If you have taken on the responsibility of wanting to serve your community, we want you to know that the Law Office of Bryan Fagan takes seriously the responsibility of serving you and your family.

The Law Office of Bryan Fagan is proud to offer military members, veterans and first responders a 10% discount on attorney’s fees associated with your family law case.

A word on military divorces in Texas

Not only do military servicemembers and veterans must contend with the laws of Texas on divorce, but you must also consider federal laws related to military retirement and other benefits. When navigating the often-choppy waters where state and federal law intersect it is essential for you to have an experienced family law attorney by your side. From establishing residency in Texas to negotiating a fair settlement of property and child custody matters, the attorneys with the Law Office of Bryan Fagan have extensive experience in working for military families in southeast Texas.

When it comes to military pensions, any assets acquired during your marriage is community property in Texas. A just and equitable distribution would be how a family court judge is guided by the laws in Texas when dividing up your community estate. Your share of the military retirement that you have earned is calculated according to the number of years that you served while married divided by the total years in service, divided by two.

For medical benefits, the law states that your spouse will be entitled to long term health insurance coverage if you all were married for longer than twenty years while you were serving in the military. This may impact when you or your spouse file for divorce.

Filing for divorce while serving in the military

If you are attempting to get divorced while actively serving your country, then you need to know about the complications of doing so. You must be able to work towards getting the divorced while possibly residing outside of Texas and even outside of the United States. Having trust in your stateside attorney that he or she are advising you well and guiding you with competency is of the utmost importance.

First Responders and Texas divorce

For first responders, we want you all to know how critical it is to handle issues regarding your children, custody and possession. With your work schedule it is unlikely that a traditional possession schedule will serve you and your family well. Additionally, your work responsibilities may impact your ability to try and win primary custody of your children. With so many different factors weighing in on your divorce do not begin your case without experienced and knowledgeable representation.