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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About Prenups in Attorney Fagan’s New eBook

Believe it or not, prenuptial agreements do not show a lack of trust in a relationship. Many people believe that prenups are only for wealthy people or indicate a weak relationship, among other notions, but prenuptial agreements can benefit soon-to-be-spouses for a variety of reasons, depending on their circumstances. Prenuptial agreements can help facilitate transparent conversations about your standards, finances, and future, establishing trust and some peace of mind as a result.

In his eBook on prenuptial agreements, Attorney Bryan Fagan discusses:

  • Common myths about prenups
  • When to consider a prenuptial agreement
  • What to include in your prenup
  • What is discussed in a prenup
  • Limitations of prenups
  • How to draft your prenup
  • Requirements to make a prenup valid and legally enforceable
  • Benefits of a prenup
  • Possible impacts of having a prenup

Couples tend to avoid planning the division of their assets in the event of a divorce. Prenuptial agreements, however, can address ambiguities about each partner’s financial landscape and assets before they tie the knot. After all, honesty is a vital component of a strong relationship.

Attorney Fagan understands that prenups demand transparency, detail, and accuracy in order to be effective. He also knows that most spouses who are considering a prenup have never done this before. For these reasons, his eBook covers all the key information you should know as you prepare to draft your prenup.

This resource is not to be mistaken for legal advice. However, it can serve as a strong tool as you navigate the process with the help of an experienced lawyer. As such, we welcome you to download the free eBook from our website today! We help people in your shoes get the answers they need to confidently proceed with their family legal matters.

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