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Family Law in Texas can be complicated. There are so many rules and variations on those rules. Anything can be wrapped in legal red tape. Even laws that are meant to work a certain way can be altered. For instance, divorce laws are often vague. Property is supposed to be split equally between spouses, but judges can distribute property at their own discretion.

This is why you need a trusted legal team on your side. At The Law Office of Bryan Fagan, PLLC, we have the skill and experience to handle your family law needs in The Woodlands.

Fighting For Your Rights in a Divorce

Child Support

Child support decisions are based on the “best interest” of a child. Texas uses a very specific formula to calculate child support. If you are the paying parent, your net income and other resources are evaluated. Once this happens, you are expected to pay a monthly percentage of that amount to the other parent. The percentage raises for each child in the family. If you have one child together, you will be required to pay 20% of your income. For each additional child, the percentage goes up by five. Two children require 25%; three require 30%; and so forth. At five or more children, the payment tops at 40%. Judges do, however, have room to add or subtract support demands based on your family’s circumstance. Allow our firm to represent you, helping you pay an amount that is both fair to you and best for your children.

Domestic violence accusations can influence a child support decision. Children of abusive parents can receive a greater amount of support. This could also happen if the child witnessed abuse, but they were not directly involved. The Law Office of Bryan Fagan, PLLC is sensitive to all domestic violence accusations in a divorce. If you or your children were victims of abuse, we can help fight for greater compensation in the final judgement. If you, however, have been falsely accused of abuse, we can help defend your reputation before the judge.


When Texas courts make rulings on property division, they use a “community property” model. In this system, all property that was purchased during the marriage is marital property. It is owned by both spouses. When distributing property in a divorce, courts split the assets equally. Each spouse receives 50% of the total marital property. Judges can, however, give one spouse more of the assets based on what they deem “just and fair.”

This system strives for equality, but it can also create conflict. You can avoid having your assets divided by an outside party. To do this, you should consider mediation. This is a process where, with the help of a neutral third party, you can make property decisions on your own. Your mediator can help you communicate with your spouse, making the process collaborative instead of combative. Deciding on property division yourselves is always the best option. Once your choices are made, you can put them in writing and submit them to the courts, avoiding a long, painful battle for assets. Trust our firm to help you with this process. We will work toward a solution that is beneficial for both parties.

Our firm’s skilled attorneys are knowledgeable in all areas of family law, including:

Trust us with your family law needs in the Woodlands. You can schedule a free consultation by calling (281) 810-9760 today.

Woodlands Estate Planning Lawyers

We are also a trusted source for your estate planning needs. Estate planning is there to manage your property when you are no longer capable. The Law Office of Bryan Fagan, PLLC can help secure the future of your assets and your family.

Incapacity Planning

In life, there are several ways you could lose control of your assets. If you suffer an injury or illness that damages your decision-making abilities, you need someone to make decisions for you. Crucial decisions can be made by someone else, a person that you grant power of attorney. This person can make decisions regarding your finances and healthcare. Limitations can be set on exactly which decisions can be made by your appointee.

Powers of attorney are malleable, which is a great benefit for those who need it. You can predetermine when and under what circumstances these powers begin. Within your plan, you can create stipulations that will remove power from one individual and transfer it to another. Even when in use, power of attorney can be changed.

Our team understands how important this decision is. We can help you choose the right person, investigating their background and verifying their ability to perform these duties.


Our estate planning services can help you craft a will, keeping your assets from falling into intestate succession. Intestate succession is a process where the state distributes your property to your next closest relatives. It appears fair on the surface, but it does not take your unique experience into account. Perhaps you were raised by an uncle who is not included in the chain of recipients. Maybe you lost connection with your blood relatives, and you were surrounded by a group of close-knit friends that you considered family. The people most deserving of your estate could be left out when your assets are distributed by the state.

We can help make sure that your property goes to the right people. Our team can write a will that clearly defines your wishes, helping to ensure that it will not be challenged. If circumstances change, and you need to revise your will, we can help make the necessary modifications.

Trust us with all your estate planning and family law needs in the Woodlands. You can fill out an online contact form, or call us at (281) 810-9760.

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