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In the state of Texas, individuals going through a divorce can pursue alimony or spousal support. Alimony and spousal support entail regular payments made by one spouse to financially support the other during or after the divorce process. The amount of these payments depends on the unique needs and earning potential of both parties involved.

There are notable distinctions between alimony and spousal support:

Do you qualify for spousal maintenance?

Spousal maintenance may be awarded by the court if the spouse seeking financial support lacks sufficient assets to meet their basic needs after the divorce. Additionally, the courts may consider alimony in situations where one spouse has a history of committing family violence against the other. If a spouse is unable to earn income due to a disability, the court is generally inclined to grant spousal support.

Spouses may also be eligible for support if they were married for ten years or longer and the spouse seeking support cannot earn enough income to sustain the standard of living they had before the divorce. Furthermore, if a spouse has custody of a physically disabled child, spousal support is often provided in addition to child support.

Factors Considered by the Court when Deciding Support/Alimony

The court does not grant alimony solely based on a spouse’s request. The court takes various factors into account, including:

As such, the court considers several factors including:

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