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Domestic Violence Accusations in Texas: What You Need to Know

Attorney Bryan Fagan’s eBook Details Domestic Violence Law

Our attorney, Mr. Bryan Fagan, has written a series of helpful eBooks. Each delves into a topic of family law, making people aware of the challenges in divorce, child custody, property division, and much more.

In his eBook on Domestic Violence, Attorney Fagan provides a highly researched look at the topic. In it, he helps define the term. Domestic violence is an act which is intentional and causes direct harm to someone close to the abuser. The victim need not live with the accused. They could be an ex-partner or ex-spouse in a separate residence. Also, the victim does not have to be a relative. Domestic violence can happen between roommates.

The harm does not always need to be physical. Examples of abuse also include monitoring someone’s communications; keeping them imprisoned in the home; cutting off communication with family and friends; and so forth.

Mr. Fagan recommends that someone flee and contact authorities at the first sign of domestic abuse. Too many victims stay silent out of fear, only to be harmed again.

The eBook is not just for victims of domestic abuse. Because of Texas’s laws on abuse, an accused person can be arrested without direct evidence. Fagan is sensitive to the falsely accused and offers advice to them, as well.

The eBook goes into detail defining the many different legal categories of domestic violence. It goes on to outline the criminal classifications and penalties for domestic abuse crimes.

In this eBook, you can also find helpful tips to protect yourself from an abuser. You can learn about various protective orders and how to obtain them.

Attorney Fagan’s eBooks are not meant to be a substitute for legal advice. Rather, they educational tools meant to take a deeper dive into a topic.

If you are facing domestic violence in a divorce, either as a victim or as the accused, trust us to help. You can call us at (713) 701-9322 or contact us online.

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