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Whether you want to prepare for end-of-life concerns or to expand your family by adopting, our accomplished attorneys at The Law Office of Bryan Fagan, PLLC can help you navigate any family law matter.

We focus only on family law and estate planning, which means our diverse group of attorneys and paralegals have deep knowledge to provide you intelligent advice and strategies for your case. Our personalized representation always keeps your goals in mind.

Guiding Clients through Divorce

Despite the best of intentions, some marriages simply don’t work. Choosing to divorce, and the process to see that through, can be incredibly stressful. We aim to ease the burden for our clients by offering an array of services to fit the circumstances of your divorce.

We can assist you in the following capacities:

Divorce can become even more complex if one spouse is located elsewhere. We can experience with international divorces, military divorces, and out-of-state divorces. Couples with a high net worth have particular elements not always found in other divorces. These high-net-worth divorces require an attorney like those at The Law Office of Bryan Fagan, PLLC. We understand the tax implications of settlement scenarios, know the methods to uncover hidden assets, and can navigate complex financial accounts.

No matter whether the split is amicable or acrimonious, certain questions must be answered in a divorce agreement.

Our Sugarland lawyers can work to resolve the following divorce-related issues:

All divorce concerns – from custody to property division – can be accomplished through any of our divorce services, including mediation.

We remain strong advocates for you after the divorce. Call on us when you need help with divorce decree enforcement or a modification to your existing child custody agreement.

Family Law Matters Beyond Divorce

Divorce is not the only family matter that benefits from one of our seasoned attorneys. We support the best interests of the family, and we understand that what is best is as unique as the family we are representing.

Sometimes, family law can be a joyous occasion. We can help you adopt a child in Sugarland or draft a gestational agreement for a surrogate.

Other family law matters handled by The Law Office of Bryan Fagan, PLLC:

Whether you need legal documents drafted or a strong voice in court, our seasoned lawyers will provide the knowledge and support you deserve.

Estate Planning Tools for Today and the Future

A troubling statistic is that more than half of all Americans don’t have a will. In states like Texas, that statistic is especially alarming. Without a will, the state’s intestate succession laws will determine what happens to your property when you die. Everyone should at a minimum have a well-written, iron-clad will drafted by a lawyer. But wills are only the beginning of what can be implemented that protects your wealth and helps those you leave behind.

Our Sugarland attorneys can recommend specific estate planning tools to match your objectives.

We also know how important pets are in most families. A pet trust can dictate provisions to guarantee the safety and care of your trusted friend long after you are gone.

Whether you are engaged to be married and need a prenuptial agreement or are later in life and want to establish your last wishes, we are here to help you. Our wide-ranging skills can guide you through any family law concern.

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