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Attorney Fagan’s eBook Explains What Makes a Marriage Null and Void in Texas

Under Texas law, marriage can only end in 1 of 2 ways – death or divorce. That being said, some marriages are not valid, to begin with. When this occurs, the couple can turn to annulment to make their marriage “null and void” without going through a divorce. After an annulment, it will be like the marriage never happened, legally speaking.

Unfortunately, annulments are hard to come by, and they usually only apply to very short marriages. For example, the eBook tells the story of a woman who found out that her spouse was impotent on their wedding night. The eBook includes many other examples and legal precedents and outlines all the circumstances that may make you eligible for an annulment.

In the Void Marriage eBook, Attorney Fagan covers:

  • Bigamy and prior marriages
  • Consanguinity
  • The rights of a putative spouse
  • The waiting period after you get your marriage license
  • The waiting period before remarriage
  • Dividing property and mediation

The eBook also specifies how rare annulments are and the many different options available for couples who wish to separate. Attorney Fagan discusses Texas’ mandatory waiting periods for marriage, divorce, and remarriage, as well.

Whether you want to make sure your new marriage is valid or get out of an invalid marriage, the Void Marriage eBook will have valuable information for you.

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