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Attorney Fagan’s eBook Discusses What to Do Against Parental Kidnapping in Texas

If your former spouse refuses to relinquish control of your child or let them go back to your place after the end of a visitation period, this constitutes parental kidnapping. This does not only go against your parental rights but is also upsetting for your child. No matter your former spouse’s reasons, parental kidnapping is a direct violation of the law.

If the co-parent has kidnapped your child, you should always reach out to a compassionate and reputable family law attorney who can counsel you and help you throughout the legal process. A lawyer can assist you in creating a decisive plan of action to retrieve your child and work towards obtaining full custody to protect them.

If you are considering parental kidnapping because you think it is your only way to protect your child, you should consider legal solutions instead. Parental kidnapping is never a good idea, and a court does not look favorably upon such actions.

Attorney Bryan Fagan compiled this eBook to talk about various cases of parental kidnapping and provide an overview of your legal solutions to prevent kidnapping in the first place or ensure that it does not happen again.

Throughout this eBook, Attorney Fagan covers the following parental kidnapping topics:

How to avoid parental kidnapping
Out of state and international parental kidnapping
Avoiding accusations of parental kidnapping
Parental abduction risk factors
Parental relocation
And more

This eBook is available for free. You can download it by using the form below. If you have concerns about your former spouse possibly kidnapping your child, this eBook answers common questions.

Please remember that this eBook cannot substitute for a consultation with a family law attorney. The Law Office of Bryan Fagan, PLLC, can offer advice and legal representation tailored to your specific situation. We can help protect your parental rights.

If you need trusted legal assistance about parental kidnapping in Houston and its surrounding areas, contact The Law Office of Bryan Fagan, PLLC, today at (713) 338-2709 to schedule an appointment.

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