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Attorney Fagan’s eBook Discusses Common Parenting Time Concerns in Texas

Scheduling parenting time after a divorce can be challenging. Texas has certain laws such as the Texas Family Code and the Standard Possession Order to help facilitate the process. Courts usually refer to parenting time as “access and possession.”

In his eBook, attorney Bryan Fagan explains various aspects of access, which comprises any interactions you have with your child via phone, text, or other means of communication. He also discusses how possession, seeing your child in person, works throughout the year, including during summer.

A judge keeps the child’s best interests when creating guidelines and approving parenting time schedules. Working with an experienced family law attorney such as Fagan can make a difference in reaching your parenting time goals. This eBook can help you learn about important elements affecting parenting time in Texas.

Throughout this free eBook, Attorney Fagan provides information about:

  • Possession orders
  • Virtual parenting
  • Electronic access to your child
  • Texas Standard Possession Order
  • Distance between each parents’ residence
  • And more

If you are concerned about how your divorce will affect your parenting time and how to coordinate with your former spouse, this eBook can address a broad range of questions you may have. You can access the free eBook by using the form below.

Be mindful that an eBook cannot substitute for scheduling a consultation with our team at The Law Office of Bryan Fagan, PLLC. When we meet with you, you receive professional advice and representation tailored to your specific needs and your child’s best interests.

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