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During litigation, both parties share information with one another in the discovery stage. In divorce and family law cases, discovery usually consists of the spouses exchanging financial information. While there are some income, assets, and debts you share within the marriage, each spouse must also be honest about their financial situation. If you have reason to believe your spouse is not being truthful about their finances, discovery is also a time to hire third-party investigators and/or ask the court for assistance.

Failure to be honest during discovery could result in contempt of court and other consequences. Ultimately, someone who hides assets will usually fare worse than someone who cooperates with the discovery process.

Discovery is crucial in family law cases because it helps determine how marital property will be divided and is used to calculate child support, alimony (spousal support), and other financial obligations. Understanding the discovery process is the first step to securing your future in a divorce or family law case.

In his eBook, Bryan Fagan covers:

  • Some of the intricacies of the discovery proceedings
  • Income, assets, and debts
  • Hidden assets and forensic accountants
  • Contempt of court
  • Child custody and support
  • Mediation
  • And more

Throughout the Family Law Discovery eBook, you will learn the importance of the discovery process and having an attorney by your side. You will also learn more about the Law Office of Bryan Fagan, PLLC and how our firm can help guide you through your case.

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