13 Dirty Divorce Tricks to Watch Out For

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What to Look Out for in a Divorce and How to Counter These Actions

When one spouse decides to engage in dirty divorce tactics, the other may find himself/herself unprepared to deal with such actions. This kind of behavior could also lead to a domino effect where one spouse engages in bad behavior and the other spouse retaliates. This dynamic could turn an uncontested divorce into an all-out war.

As an experienced divorce attorney, Attorney Fagan has seen his fair share of dirty divorce tricks. Not only is he familiar with these different types of tactics, but he is also confident countering them.

To assist you with your divorce and best prepare you for what to look out for, Attorney Fagan compiled an eBook to cover the top 13 dirty divorce tricks that he has seen since working as a divorce lawyer. His goal is to help you identify these actions and take preventative or corrective measures to remedy them.

Throughout the eBook, Attorney Fagan discusses the following:

  • What to do if your spouse is abusive
  • How to handle when your spouse serves you in an embarrassing way
  • What to do when your spouse hides assets from you
  • How to protect yourself if your spouse is wasting marital assets
  • What to do if your spouse quits his/her job to avoid paying child support

Throughout the eBook, Attorney Fagan highlights the various tactics a spouse may attempt to try to sway the divorce in their favor or punish you.

This book is not intended as a substitute for legal advice, but it can serve as the preliminary step for divorce case. The eBook is available for free online and can be downloaded directly from our website.

If you are concerned your spouse is committing a dirty divorce tactic, contact our office online or call us at (713) 322-8987 to schedule a consultation with an experienced divorce attorney from our firm.

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