Educational opportunities in River Oaks

Educational opportunities in River Oaks

Being that River Oaks is one of the wealthiest areas in the entire state of Texas, a new resident of this posh neighborhood will not suffer from lack of tremendous educational opportunities. Whether you are the parent of a school aged child or are interested in attending an institution of higher learning yourself, then River Oaks is a great place to call home. Here are some of those opportunities that you can take advantage of in our area.

The public school system that serves River Oaks is the Houston Independent School District (HISD). As with most every large school district in Texas, HISD is not a top performing district when compared to its peers in suburban communities. However, River Oaks boasts some of the best schools not only in the district but in the State of Texas. Carnegie Vanguard High School is a college prepatory high school that continually graduates college ready students into universities across the country. DeBakey High School for Health Professionals has a focus on healthcare jobs and sciences, while the Kinder School for the Performing Arts has programs that allow students to flourish artistically. All three of these high schools are top ten public high schools in the State of Texas.

When it comes to private schools you need not travel far beyond River Oaks to find the best in education for your children. The Kinkaid School, The Awty International School and St. John’s School are located within River Oaks and are three of the best private schools in the State of Texas. Each school is extremely inclusive towards new students and teachers tend to stick at each school for a long while. Another great aspect of each school is that they are all kindergarten through 12th grade, meaning that your child can find a home at their school and do not need to leave until it is time for college or the workforce.

Finally, the Houston metropolitan area is home to a wide range of prestigious colleges and universities. Since we are discussing high ranking schools in this blog post, I think it bears mentioning that Rice University is just a stone’s throw from River Oaks. Rice is a top private school not only in Texas but in the entire United States. The University of Houston with its great tradition of athletics, campus life and academics is not far, either. Finally, schools like Prairie View A&M, Sam Houston State University and Stephen F. Austin are short drives from Houston but can feel like they are just far enough away to get a college experience independent of the big city.

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