Brazoria County Medical Resources

Brazoria County Medical Resources

Brazoria County is a hidden gem among places to move in southeast Texas. Being close to the beach and close to the city of Houston there is a lot going on in and around Brazoria County. With a growing population, however, it is critical that you and your family have an idea of how to obtain the medical care that you need upon moving here.

The costs of moving can be extremely high depending upon your situation. With that said, if you need assistance paying for your prescription medications then Brazoria County may be able to assist you. The Brazoria County Medication Assistance Program helps low-income residents of the county without insurance or who are underinsured be able to obtain their prescription medications.

You can contact the county to learn more about this program. Basically, if you lack insurance, have Medicare but not Part D coverage for medications and who have already met their cap for prescription coverage allowed on their insurance plan can also take advantage of this program. With offices in Angleton and Alvin, you have only a short drive to meet with a program coordinator to discuss your eligibility.

There are multiple resources available in Brazoria County to help you and your family if you move here without health insurance coverage. West Columbia Rural Health Clinic, Live Oak Clinic of Brazosport, Community Health Network and Hope Clinic are a few area clinics that help people who lack traditional health insurance still be able to receive the medical care that they need.

Finally, the Gulf Coast Center offers mental health treatment for the residents of both Brazoria and Galveston counties. Managing a mental health crisis or helping you learn coping skills for ongoing mental health issues are both services provided by the Gulf Coast Center. A 24-hour crisis hotline, inpatient psychiatric care and education training allow this clinic to be able to assist a wide range of people in Brazoria County.

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