Are the divorce laws the same in Brazoria County as in Harris County?

The Texas Family Code contains the statutes (laws) that apply to divorce cases throughout the state of Texas. With that said, there may be differences in how those laws are applied based on the court that your case is before. Family court judges are given a wide degree of latitude when it comes to interpreting statutes based on their own experiences and perceptions. Come and speak with one of the experienced family law attorneys with the Law Office of Bryan Fagan to find out how a judge may view your case and circumstances.

Is it worth my while to hire a lawyer on the north side of Houston for my child custody case?

It’s no secret that Brazoria County is not around the corner from any of the offices for the Law Office of Bryan Fagan. However, we do have three locations on the north side of Houston- all of which are located adjacent to major freeways, highways and/or thoroughfares. We can even travel to you when it comes to attending hearings, mediations, and trials in Brazoria County. Hiring one of our attorneys means that you are engaging with the best in family law representation for southeast Texas. We can provide you with referrals for satisfied clients who call Brazoria County home.

I can’t find my husband. Can I still get a divorce?

It is best if you can locate your spouse when it comes to getting a divorce. Reason being is that you need to provide him with notice of the divorce having been filed to proceed with your case. However, if you provide proof to the court that you have performed a certain degree of due diligence then you would be able to take advantage of alternative methods of service such as posting notice on the courthouse steps, mailing a certified letter to his last known address or service by publication. Getting your divorce may take longer when you can’t locate your spouse, but it can get done just the same.

I don’t like lawyers; Why should I hire the Law Office of Bryan Fagan to help me get divorced?

Simply put- you don’t have to be best friends with your lawyer to have a manageable, civil relationship that is productive and serves the best interests of you and your family. The attorneys and staff with the Law Office of Bryan Fagan put our clients first. We return phone calls, think proactively and are not here to waste your time or money. Why not spend thirty minutes in a free of charge consultation with one of our lawyers? Find out more about us and decide for yourself.

My ex-wife won’t let me see the kids on my weekends under the Divorce Decree. Do I have options?

Yes, you do. When you need to enforce the terms of a prior court order you would need to file an Enforcement Petition. An enforcement petition spells out the specific violations of your court order, the number of violations, the details associated with each as well as the relief that you are asking of the court. Losing time with your kids is important and you should take that lying down. An attorney with our office can talk with you about your case, help you to identify potential violations of the court order and plan out a roadmap for how to address those issues.

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