Government Resources in Huffman

Government Department in Huffman, TX

Huffman is in a rural area of Northeast Harris County. Bordering Lake Houston, Huffman is patrolled by the Houston Police Department, Kingwood Substation. The phone number is 832-395-1800. If you have any issues with animals being loose in your neighborhood or otherwise on your property, then you can reach BARC Animal Shelter and Adoptions, a government department in E. Harris County at 713-238-9600. Prepare to provide any identifying information about the animal, along with the general area where you spotted it. You can easily reach BARC from your home or mobile phone by dialing 3-1-1.

State House Districts 18, 128, 23, 127, 16, and 142 serve Huffman. Huffman residents may reside within Senate Districts 4, 15 or 6. You can consult a directory at houstontx.gov to get more specific information on which districts pertain to your home residence. Huffman and Crosby ISDs are the public-school districts that serve the residents of Huffman and Crosby, TX. Huffman ISD serves the area on the northeast side of Lake Houston and Crosby ISD serves the area on the southeast side of Lake Houston.

Finally, at the corner of Rustic Woods Drive and Lake Houston Parkway sits Kingwood Park. There you will find the Kingwood Community Center with a large meeting/event room and reception/office area. If you need a large reception area for a wedding, family reunion or work function then you can contact the facility at 281-348-2570 for more information. Typically, you need to provide refundable deposits to reserve the community center for your desired event.

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