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In Texas, there are two paths to divorce: contested and uncontested. Opting for an uncontested divorce, if possible, can save you both time and money. Moreover, it’s often less stressful for your children, as they avoid court appearances and potentially less exposure to conflict.

To navigate an uncontested divorce successfully, professional guidance is often necessary. This is where the Law Office of Bryan Fagan, PLLC lends its expertise. Our attorney can assist you through the multitude of decisions inherent in the divorce process. Together with your spouse, you can explore various options and work towards an agreeable divorce agreement.

What is Divorce Mediation?

Mediation is a legal alternative that enables parties to find resolution outside the traditional court environment.

Typically, mediation involves the divorcing couple, their respective attorneys, and a neutral third party—the mediator. The role of the mediator isn’t to act as a judge but to facilitate the parties in reaching a consensus.

What a Divorce Mediator Can Do for You

A divorce mediator creates a conducive environment for you and your spouse to discuss and make joint decisions regarding your divorce. This method is most effective when both spouses can communicate and are willing to negotiate the terms of their divorce. If one spouse is strongly against the divorce, mediation may not be suitable.

A mediator can assist you in resolving issues such as:

What Are the Advantages of Divorce Mediation?

If suitable for your circumstances, mediation offers numerous benefits. With mediation, you can discuss all your preferences, and a divorce professional can guide you on whether your decisions are sound.

Some of the benefits of mediation include:

  • Shorter time to finalize the divorce
  • Less time spent in courts
  • Cost-effective divorce process
  • Less tension for the children
  • You and your spouse can make decisions that are best for your family without deferring to a judge
  • More comfortable and informal setting
  • High success rate (90%-95% of mediation cases settle through mediation)
  • Increased control over the process
  • Creative solutions tailored to your situation
  • Confidentiality and privacy

However, mediation may not be suitable for everyone or every case. Cases involving issues of abuse, or where parties cannot reach an amicable resolution, may not benefit from this process. In such instances, it might be possible to request that the case bypass mediation and proceed directly to court.

The attorneys at the Law Office of Bryan Fagan, PLLC can assist with your case. With the right Humble lawyer by your side, you can effectively arrange the different terms of your divorce decree.

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